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Why Deeper Healing?

Deeper Healing’s goal is to bring you back to the quality of life that you want and deserve.


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We never want lack of funds to prevent someone from getting Deeper Healing. So many of our patients find us after a long, hard journey. Often they have been sick a long time and many have lost their relationships, ability to work and frankly sometimes the will to keep on trying. It is a gift and a Godsend to be able to help anyone who needs it with these foundation funds. While, we do everything possible to keep our costs down and we offer scholarships for Stay + Heal patients that need help, many more need assistance. Funds donated here go to patients that need financial assistance. They are 100% tax deductible. 


It has been a joy to watch recovered patients get excited about “paying it forward” by making donations to the fund. Gifts can be one-time or monthly. Gifts over 1,000 dollars should be wired to reduce processing fees. Every donation big and small is deeply appreciated.


May our collective efforts help many… thank you for your consideration.

All of us at Deeper Healing


How The Funds are Used and Processed?

  • Financial assistance for uninsurable healthcare costs - These funds are used to help pay for non-insured and uninsurable healthcare options. Matching funds do not replace insurance, medicare or any federal benefit.
  • Financial Burden is Shared - The cost is shared by the ecosystem of practitioners, patients and passionate individual and corporate donors. We disperse 92-100% of the funds directly to the patient on their Health Debit Card. Often donors cover the 2.5% credit card transaction charges as well as the 5% eFundYourHealth platform fee which covers our overheads, auditing and reporting requirements and allows us to help more patients. The Clinics often contribute discounts in products or services. The Patient raises a minimum of $500 from 5 unique sources and The Healing Fund matches or exceeds what the patient raises up to a maximum grant as directed by the Clinic. Patients can use their own campaigns to cover their additional costs and raise as much as possible for al their non-insured healthcare needs.
  • Controlled disbursements and Audited Results - Grants are available to patients once their own campaigns are closed. eFundYourHeath loads the grant directly to the Patient debit card. The Grants are available to the patient up to the maximum cap designated by the Fund. The Cap can be any amount depending on availability and will change as more donations are raised. All debit card and Fund expenditures are audited by eFundYourHealth quarterly to ensure they meet the 501(c)3 IRS and State Charity requirements.

eFundYourHealth- Who We Are

eFundYourHealth is a program by The Crohns & Colitis Nutrition Foundation (CCNF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created in 2013, (EIN # 46-3701568 and registered in SC, United States). Created to advance integrative healthcare to those affected by chronic illness and to support the provider community critical to their healing. CCNF has been providing Matching Grants to patients since 2018 enabling all people regardless of income to access all options for healthcare. 



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  • Excited to Help! Jennifer H. - $1,000

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