What is the cost to me?

There is no cost to you but you will increase your patient base by referring them to eFundYourHealth. Our goal is to increase the patient level of education to advance the quality of their life.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a platform for raising funds from numerous people to fund a project.  eFundYourHealth allows people to start a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to help pay for complimentary and alternative medical expenses often not covered by insurance.   A patient must raise a minimum of $500, from 5 or more unique e-mail addresses, but they can raise as much as possible.  A patient cannot donate to themselves.

Can I donate to a specific patient's campaign using our own funds/ foundation funds?

The practitioner is welcome to donate to any campaign. This donation is tax deductible. The patient is not obligated to use the funds with the donor practitioner.

How long does it take for a patient to get a debit card?

The average time to receive the debit card is 7-10 days AFTER CAMPAIGN CLOSES

Can a Practitioner give a discount to EFH patients?


Will the eFYH debit card work with dispensaries such as Wellevate or Natural Partners through my website store?

If you have a dispensary on Wellevate or Natural Partners, for example, the eFYH card will work just like the HSA/FSA cards. The eFYH card restricts the use of funds for medical purposes only.

Here is the typical list of MCC codes used by the Practitioners which are accepted on the eFYH card. Click here to ensure you are set up to accept these cards with your dispensary. https://wellevate.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002074173-Learn-the-basics-of-accepting-HSA-FSA-cards

What do you mean by Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)?

Overall, we are referring to health and wellness therapies that have not traditionally been as much a part of conventional Western medicine, such as acupuncture, massage, nutrition and chiropractic care. Complementary refers to treatments that are used along with conventional medicine, whereas Alternative Medicine refers to treatments used in place of conventional medicine. Overall, we recognize that bringing CAM treatments into a conventional regimen of medicine can be extremely effective at facilitating healing for a patients’ chronic illnesses.

How and when will I get paid for my alternative medicine services?

You will be paid at the time of service from the patients’ specialized debit card. Our payments system works just like a regular debit card except it has built-in limitations to what a patient can use the card for. For example, patients cannot buy tickets for travel on an airplane, or purchase a car, buy stereo equipment, etc.

Are there any fees to Practitioners?

We do not render any fees to practitioners. Whether you are charged for accepting the use of a debit card for payment will depend on your business’s agreement with a payment processing service – e.g., Virtual Merchant, PayPal, etc.

How does eFundYourHealth work with insurance policies?

We’ve found that many alternative treatments receive only partial insurance coverage (if any at all). Fundraising for patients’ campaigns helps to cover the uninsured costs that patients incur, helping more patients to afford alternative medicine.

Have other practitioners participated? How come I have not heard of this crowdfunding ability yet?

eFundYourHealth was established 2014 and has been serving the local community of Charleston, SC since then. In 2018, we decided to take the eFundYourHealth program national and had our official launch at the Integrative Healthcare Symposium, and we are actively working with practitioners to spread the word of this service helping to grow their practices.

How do I register as a Practitioner with eFundYourHealth and receive a Practitioner Referral code?

Clink of the link below and follow instructions. The process takes about 2 minutes to complete. https://efundyourhealth.org/practitioners/

My business uses PayPal Here will the debit cards work with my company?

Yes. If you have any issue with payment not being processed, please contact your customer service representative at PayPal Here as we will be happy to assist you.

How many campaigns can a patient make per year?

Patients can create a campaign twice per year.

Patients / Campaigns

Will my campaign be advertised?

No, individual campaigns will not, but eFundYourHealth will do ads to draw attention to the solution.

Should I post it on my own social media?

Yes, posting to your social media channels increases the likelihood your campaign will reach a broader audience and achieve its goal. we will draw attention to the solution.

Do strangers typically donate?

Donation usually starts with family and friends, but donations can come from anyone who donates.

I've exhausted all my friends and family, what are my options?

Ask your family and friends to post your campaign to their social channels to increase your fundraising and to expose it to a new audience.

What if I don't raise any money?

Please feel free to get it going and start a new one if needed, but only two campaigns per year. Please contact us for help to draw attention to your campaign and to remember to post on social media.

I tried to sign-up but can't get past the Create an Account page...

Your website browser is not allowing you to log in automatically. You will need to sign in to continue.

Login: https://efundyourhealth.org/login

Reset password: https://efundyourhealth.org/lostpassword/

Your account has been created. Use the username and password you created on the Create an Account page.

Once you are logged in, you should receive a screen to choose Create a Campaign, if not click the link below to go to the Create a Campaign page.

Create a Campaign: https://efundyourhealth.org/create-campaign/

How do I get the eFYH grant?

You must raise a minimum of $500, from 5 or more unique donations, to receive your grant. Additionally, your campaign will be closed after 45 days of the publishing campaign date and you'll receive your grant and all donations. A unique donation has a different email address. A patient cannot donate to themselves. Your grant is added to your total proceeds and sent via the eFund Debit Card at the time you close your campaign. Our mission is to bring the community together to share responsibility. It also self-regulates how funds are used when friends and loved ones have contributed.

How do I know how much my grant will be?

We let you know when starting your campaign what your grant amount will be. If we are still raising money to fund the grants and they are currently not available, you can continue to start your campaign and raise funds yourself. We will keep you informed as we raise the grant funds. The maximum grant is based on how much we raise but they usually range from $250-$2,500.

How/When do I receive my campaign funds?

You will receive an eFundYourHealth Brinks debit card 7-10 business days after closing your campaign. This amount will include funds raised, less 8% fee, plus your grant amount. You have the option of receiving a virtual card instead of traditional plastic. The information will be emailed to you from Brinks Business. Virtual funds are available within 24 hours.

How do I make a campaign?

Input your Practitioners Referral Code.
1. Create an account
2. Create a campaign
3. Add campaign details (photo, story, and wellness team)
4. Publish campaign

What is a referral code and do I need a referral code to start a campaign?

No, you do not need a referral code but most of our patients are referred by their practitioners who have referral codes. Our goal is to expand integrative healthcare via the practitioners who are expert in both insured and non-insured options. A referral code allows the practitioner to track your progress, support your fundraising efforts and get notified when you close your campaign so you can set up your appointments. Ask your practitioner if they have a referral code. If your practitioner has not established a code, the practitioner can use the following link below to establish one. The process takes about two minutes. Alternatively, you can contact eFundYourHealth directly to obtain a code.

Why should I use a referring practitioner to start a campaign?

eFundYourHealth’s mission is to advance a patient’s education, knowledge, and access to an integrative approach to their health. It is about empowering the patient to make informed choices with access not only traditional but also alternative medical expertise and solutions. A referral code allows the practitioner to track your progress, support your fundraising efforts and get notified when you close your campaign so you can set up your appointments. A referring practitioner helps create your pathway to health and educates you on your specific needs.

I do not have a referring practitioner. Where can I find one, if needed?

Here are some links to practitioners you may find helpful if you do not have one:


If a practitioner you choose is not registered with eFundYourHealth, have them use the following link to register. It takes about 2 minutes for them to do so. https://efundyourhealth.org/practitioners/

To obtain a referral code, please ask your practitioner to determine if they have already established a code. If so, use that code. If not, have the practitioner establish a code using the link mentioned above. Alternatively, you can contact eFundYourHealth directly and obtain a code yourself.

What kind of referring practitioner can I use; do they need to be my primary practitioner and am I required to use them?

You can use any kind of practitioner you wish, and they do not need to be your primary practitioner. Due to healthcare regulations, eFundYourHealth does not dictate, nor do we credential practitioners. eFundYourHealth is a platform used to bring the alternative and complementary medical community together to effect a change regardless of patient income. Using your campaign proceeds with your referring practitioner is also your choice. You have a section in your campaign where you can list other members of your wellness team if you desire. Your referring practitioner (and other members of your wellness team) will get notifications about your campaign status, so they can assist you and keep you moving forward on the road to recovery.

Why should I use eFundYourHealth and not other crowdfunding platforms?

eFundyourhealth receives money from corporate and individual donors who believe in the mission of the organization. We then pass this money along by supplementing the donations you raise during your campaign - up to $2,500.

For what illnesses can I raise funds?

You can use eFund for any illness you have that demands the attention of alternative approaches to your healthcare. We find that most people who fundraise for assistance are one of about 87m Americans(1) experiencing a chronic illness such as cancer, Crohn’s disease, MS and other autoimmune diseases which is why we’ve categorized these diseases.

Will my campaign be successful?

While we cannot guarantee each campaign will be funded. Patients have raised more than their initial fundraising goal. By creating a compelling story and sharing your page with friends and family, you too can increase your chances of meeting or exceeding your fundraising goals.

How long does my campaign run?

eFund campaigns can run as long as 2 months. We request that you keep it up for at least 2 weeks which is the average amount of time fundraising campaigns achieve success.

What can I use the money for? / Where can I use the eFundYourHealth Debit Card?

The debit card you received allows you to cover all alternative medical expenses but is restricted to specific purchase categories. For example, you will not be able to buy airline tickets, purchase stereo equipment, etc. with your debit card. This list of categories that the debit card will work for is meant to be more expansive than restrictive. It is designed to keep out extreme fraudulent use inconsistent with the donor expectations. If you find that a purchase has been denied, please reach out to us directly.  Read more here.

Are there any fees to use eFundYourHealth?

While eFundYourHealth as a non-profit receives donations from corporate sponsors and individuals, it is not currently enough to cover all the organization’s operational expenses. Therefore, eFundYourHealth takes 8% of the money your campaign raises to help cover these expenses. Donors have the option to add a tip to their donation to cover these fees, so the patient gets 100% of the donation.

How much do you award?

The available grant amount will show as a pop-up when you start your campaign. This depends,  on the amount we raise in our Grant Funds which enables the contribution. Our mission is to use the whole community to make change. This allows corporations, philanthropists, passionate survivors, individuals etc. to donate to the Grant Funds which we, then, pass directly on to the patient campaigns.

Do you help me market my campaign?

While not directly, we help the patients raise money by advertising the eFundYourHealth exchange via social networks and through direct advertising and fundraising campaigns where corporations and people are passionate about the diseases patients are struggling with. They, in turn, donate money to eFundYourHealth which we pass along to you by way of supplemental funds.

How does this work with my insurance benefits?

Alternative medicine treatments are generally paid either partially by your insurance company or entirely out of your pocket (that is, your insurance might not cover their full range of costs). Your fundraising amounts will help to cover the payments you would need to make out-of-pocket. If you are unsure about what might or might not be covered, please contact your insurance provider directly.

How do I know how much to ask for in my funding goal?

We advise that you meet with your physician or treatment advisor and raise for the uninsured costs of the full course of future treatments that he or she recommends. Average crowdfunding sites raise about $1,000, however, campaigns for chronic disease have traditionally been much higher ranging from $3,000-50,000.

What happens if I don’t raise the full amount of my campaign?

You are eligible to keep whatever sum of money that you raise, and use those funds to pay for your alternative treatments. Your campaign can run for up to 2 months and you can extend it once for up to 30 days. You can run 2 campaigns per year. Funds are released when your campaign closes.

I signed up but didn’t complete my campaign. How do I go back?

Log into your account: https://efundyourhealth.org/log_in/. Once you are logged, go to your Account Dashboard: https://efundyourhealth.org/my-account/.

Can I expect to see results with Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)?

Many studies have shown that patients from a variety of illnesses have benefited significantly from integrating CAM treatments their healing plan. A study from the Bravewell Institute surveyed the top 37 Integrative Medical Hospitals in the US which concluded the following healing benefits were received by patients with various illnesses.

Can an alias be used for a campaign?

If privacy is an issue with starting a campaign, options for making a private campaign are available. All campaigns use only your first name and the first letter of your last name.


You may upload any picture (ie. a flower, the ocean etc.) that you chose as your profile picture.


Random audits will be performed to make sure debit cards are used by the person it was issued to. Debit cards will only be issued to the name used for the campaign.

I'm an outside of the US, can I create a campaign?

Your health expense card can be used wherever Visa debit cards are accepted with no additional foreign transaction fees.


Click on the above link for further information, including a list of countries the card is not accepted in.

Is eFundYourHealth a for-profit or non-profit company?

eFundYourHealth is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation.

How many campaigns can I make per year?

Patients can create a campaign twice per year.

Do we need to close the campaign in order for a debit card to be issued?


Is there a way to extend my current campaign?

Yes. You can extend it for an additional 30 days. You will need to send an email to info@efundyourhealth.org from your email address associated with your campaign to request the extension.

Where will the health grant show up?

Your grant is added to your total proceeds and sent via the eFund Debit Card at the time you close your campaign.

Donating to Matching Funds

Is there an amount that is too much that a campaign can ask for?

No, a campaign can raise as much as they need for their treatment (average campaign is between $1k-$5k) but crowdfunding has been known to raise as much as several hundred thousand campaigns. Read about how funds can be used here.

Where can my funds be used?

With a patient's referring practitioner and other referring practitioners of choice, supplements, and other categories that support your health. Read more here.

Are there restrictions?

Yes, for non-alternative medical spends such as car repairs, lottery tickets, etc. Read more here.

Will you be tracking where the money is spent?

Yes, the codes will track where the money is spent and will be audited at will to protect from fraud.

What is a Global Healing Fund and how do they work?

eFundYourHealth differs from other crowdfunding sites in that we also have a parallel process which allows corporate and individual donors to contribute to a Global Healing Fund pool designed to assist individuals in meeting their financial needs for their treatment and care.

Unless specified, your donations go directly to eFundYourHealth's general fund which is available for any patient. If you would like to donate for patients with specific illnesses, click on the disease heading to donate here. Add link: https://efundyourhealth.org/campaigns/ As a Global Healing Donor you receive a tax deduction, but you will not be able to specify the patient that receives financial assistance. Donations made to a specific patient are considered a gift and are not tax-deductible, per IRS regulations. You are still free to donate directly to any patient campaign - this donation is not tax-deductible.

eFundYourhealth distributes Global Healing money by allocating the Global Healing raised to each person who starts a campaign at eFundYourhealth, according to availability. The grant amount can be viewed in a pop-up banner by the patient when they start a campaign. Patients start a crowdfunding campaign on eFundYourHealth, and at the end of the campaign, they receive a supplement to the money they raise in their campaign.

How do I make a donation?

Simply choose Global Healing Fund by clicking the ‘Give Now’ button. You can enter the amount of your donation, then proceed to the checkout page.

Which methods of payment are accepted?

All major credits cards.

To whom do I make a check payable?


What do I get for my donation to a Global Healing Fund? Do you feature me as a sponsor?

Please contact us directly for ways in which eFundYourHealth can demonstrate your generous support to those in need.

Do you accept donations from outside the USA and is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, we do accept donations from outside the USA. eFundYourHealth is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), incorporated in the USA. Our USA Tax ID # is 43-3705168. When you donate to a Matching Fund, you will receive an automatic receipt from the transaction as proof of your donation for tax purposes. As each individual’s situation is different, be sure to verify the donation as tax deductible with your tax advisor and/or country of origin.

Are there any fees to use eFundYourHealth?

Yes. eFundYourHealth uses 8% of the Global Healing Fund donation to help cover some of the organization’s operational expenses. This includes credit card fees. Global Healing Fund donors have the option to increase their donation to cover these fees as well.

How will I know if my money is being used for uninsured medical care?

eFundYourHealth sends a debit card to the Patient. This debit card can only be used for complementary, alternative, or integrative care. Every transaction contains a category code. Our debit cards are set to only approve codes within these approved medical needs. Read more here.

Can I donate offline?

Yes! Please let us know how you would like to donate. We can receive checks and direct bank transfers.

How many campaigns can a patient make per year?

Patients can create a campaign twice per year.

Donating to Individual Campaigns

Does my donation go to the individual or the disease research?

It goes to the individual raising funds for their health needs. 92% goes directly to the patient. The other 8% goes towards operational costs and credit card processing/service.. The donor has the option to pay for a campaign's fees.

Can I donate anonymously?

Yes, you have that option.

What are the processing fees for and how much are they?

5% service fee and 2.5% credit card fee.

How do I know my money will get to the individual campaign?

Your receipt will state the campaign you are directly donating to. We are audited every year by an accredited account firm, and we submit a 990-N to the IRS.

I can't donate at this time. Can I help in another way?

Please post your friend's, family's, and individual campaigns to your social media accounts to increase visibility to your cause and an individual's campaigning.

How do I make a donation?

Simply choose an individual’s campaign by clicking “DONATE NOW”. You can enter the amount of your donation, then proceed to the checkout page.

Which methods of payment are accepted?

All major credits cards.

To whom do I make a check payable?


Is there a fee to process my donation?

Yes, an 8% fee is subtracted from each donation before it goes to the Patient. You can choose to pay this 8% at checkout and it will not be deducted from the Patient. By helping to pay this small fee, it means more funds go directly to the patients for alternative medical care.

Are donations tax deductible?

Donations to a specific individuals’ campaign are not tax deductible. However, donations to any of the Grant Funds are tax-deductible. These funds can be further delineated by disease category as desired by the donors.

How will I know if my money is being used for uninsured medical care?

eFundYourHealth sends a debit card to the Patient. This debit card can only be used for complementary, alternative, or integrative care. Every transaction contains a category code. Our debit cards are set to only approve codes within these approved medical needs. Read more here.

How many campaigns can a patient make per year?

Patients can create a campaign twice per year.

My Account and Data

How do I access my account?
How do I delete my account?

1. Log in: https://efundyourhealth.org/login

2. Go to Account Dashboard: https://efundyourhealth.org/my-account/


3. Click on the Edit Account tab: https://efundyourhealth.org/my-account/edit-account/

4. Scroll down. Below the Edit Account form is the Delete Account button.

5. Click the Delete Account button.

6. Your account will be permanently deleted and cannot be undone. If you agree, click the Confirm button.

7. If successful, you will see a confirmation message.

How can I receive a copy of my data? | How do I delete (erase) my data?