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Our Mission

eFundYourHealth is the only crowdfunding platform that provides a vehicle for tax-deductible donations that matches campaign donations, expands the reach of complementary and alternative medical treatments and eases the financial burden for both the patients and those practitioners who want to help but otherwise wouldn’t be able to. 

Patients Get Care

Campaign contributions support patients fighting chronic illness

Patients are able to set up their own individual campaigns, and raise money for medical expenses.

Practitioners Benefit


Financial assistance provides the patient with options.

Studies have proven that 75% of chronic patients who utilize both conventional and natural options experience better results.

Donors Impact

An ECOSYSTEM of passionate givers  from institutions to survivors  

Corporate and Individual Givers double the opportunity for patients to get care.

"I was able to prescribe the best regimen regardless of insurance."

Dr. A Cometa, M.D.