The next 50 campaigns  receive a $250 grant.

Want to get healthy but can't afford the options?

Let's get you funded!

Want to get healthy but can't afford the options?


Let's get you funded!

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How Do Grant Funds Work?

The Wellness Community has come together to offer grant funds supplementing the funds you raise.

You Raise
eFundYourHealth Debit Card
eFundYourHealth Debit Card

You Receive
A Grant

You Receive
A Grant

Start your campaign - any amount you need $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 or more - just raise a minimum of $500 with 5 unique* donations and the grant is yours! Let’s go!

*Your donations must originate from 5 different email addresses to be eligible for your grant.

As we raise it, you'll get it so let the community work for you!!

Our Story

Dane was 23 years old when he was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. After two major flare ups, his doctors recommended removing his colon. This would have made Dane a slave to his disease for the rest of his life.

In desperation, we turned to complementary and integrative medicine. Today, Dane thrives in remission. We started eFundYourHealth to provide a resource for both the patients fighting chronic disease and the community of willing donors who’d like to help them thrive.

Phyllis & Dane Johnson, Founders

Our Vision

eFundYourHealth is the only crowdfunding platform that provides a vehicle for tax-deductible donations that matches campaign donations, expands the reach of complementary and alternative medical treatments and eases the financial burden for both the patients and those practitioners who want to help but otherwise wouldn’t be able to. 

"Don't attack conventional medicine, fill the need for options. Only then will America have an integrative approach to health," Phyllis Johnson, Founder.

Companies Donating for Alternative Health

Designs for Health

“We share the eFundYourHealth mission to make CAM available to all people and are proud to be a Sponsor!”
- Nathan Cheong, Managing Director, Designs for Health, Inc.

"We are happy to support eFundYourHealth and help all people access effective solutions to address problems associated with intestinal ecology, immune system and detoxification."
- Founding Director Dr. Rachel Fresco L. Ac., Ph. D

"It upsets me to see how much people needlessly suffer. I'm honored to be a part of supporting eFundYourHealth to help you gain the financial support you need to heal and thrive!" 
- Dr. Jonathan Otto, Author of Autoimmune Secrets

Seacoast Church
Franklyn Solutions Inc
North Charleston Dream Center

New Donors Coming On Board Weekly

Most Recent Sponsor: MM Summit San Francisco is donating a portion of the proceeds from their event.

15% of proceeds from OneHope Wine's Fall Renewal event, hosted by Heidi a Clothing Boutique.

In lieu of wedding gifts Lital & Marty encouraging donations.

Testimonials of Fundraising and Healing Success!

On the Road to Recovery!

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Crohn's / Colitis

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Multiple Sclerosis

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Autoimmune Disease

Raised $1,334


Crohn's / Colitis

Raised $3,206


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Complementary and Integrative Medicine increases survival rates 3x the national average.