We are the ONLY Crowdfunding Solution to Supplement Alternative Medicine costs

eFundYourHealth is a crowdfunding platform that helps you fundraise your uninsured expenses through donations and grant funds.

You are not alone.
6 out of 10 suffer from a chronic condition.

You can be a success story

How Do Grant Funds Work?

The Wellness Community has come together to offer grant funds supplementing the funds you raise.

You Raise
eFundYourHealth Debit Card

You Receive
A Grant

You Receive
A Grant

Start your campaign - any amount you need $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 or more - just raise a minimum of $500 with 5 unique* donations and the grant is yours! Let’s go!

*Your donations must originate from 5 different email addresses to be eligible for your grant.

What is the Debit Card?

eFundYourHealth Debit Card

eFundYourHealth Debit Card

Our Unique Debit Cards restrict the use of campaign funds to CAM treatments only.

In order to make paying for CAM treatments seamless eFundYourHealth will provide you with a debit card to pay for your treatments. After your campaign closes, the Grant will be added to your balance and the debit card will arrive within 7 days.

Who Provides the Money for the Matching Funds?

Community of Donors

eFundYourHealth works with a community of donors to raise the supplemental funds. This community of CAM companies, philanthropists, survivors, and individuals care about your access to CAM treatments. We work together to finance your integrative health care!

On the Road to Recovery!


Crohn's / Colitis

Raised $1,600


Multiple Sclerosis

Raised $6,100


Autoimmune Disease

Raised $1,334

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my campaign be advertised?

No, individual campaigns will not, but eFundYourHealth will do ads to draw attention to the solution.

Should I post it on my own social media?

Yes, posting to your social media channels increases the likelihood your campaign will reach a broader audience and achieve its goal. we will draw attention to the solution.

Do strangers typically donate?

Donation usually starts with family and friends, but donations can come from anyone who donates.

I've exhausted all my friends and family, what are my options?

Ask your family and friends to post your campaign to their social channels to increase your fundraising and to expose it to a new audience.

What if I don't raise any money?

Please feel free to get it going and start a new one if needed, but only two campaigns per year. Please contact us for help to draw attention to your campaign and to remember to post on social media.

I tried to sign-up but can't get passed the Create an Account page...

Your website browser is not allowing is to automatically log you in. Thus, sending you back to the beginning. You will need to sign in to continue.

Login: https://efundyourhealth.org/login

Reset password: https://efundyourhealth.org/lostpassword/

Your account has been created. Use the username and password you created on the Create an Account page.

Once you are logged in, you should receive a screen to choose Create a Campaign, if not click the link below to go to the Create a Campaign page.

Create a Campaign: https://efundyourhealth.org/create-campaign/

How do I get the eFYH grant?

You must match our grant raise A minimum of $500 and fundraise at least 5 unique donations to receive your grant. A unique donation has a different email address. Our mission is to bring the community together to share the responsibility. It also self-regulates the use of funds when friends and loved ones have contributed.

How do I know how much my grant will be?

If we are still raising more grants for you and they are not currently available, you will be notified at the beginning of your campaign creation process. You can continue to start your campaign and raise funds yourself. We will keep you posted as we raise the grant funds which will be automatically populated on the debit cards on a first-come first-serve basis. The maximum grant is based on how much we raise but they usually range from $250-$2,500.