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On May 11th I awoke with a large knotted muscle on the shoulder blade while coughing up green phlegm along with difficulty breathing. Unknowing as to why this was happening I went to the ER where I was admitted with the suspicion of having Tuberculous. It was a nightmare as they put me in an isolation room, tested everyday for TB, and ran extremely strong antibiotics in an IV for 5 days. The release papers stated no diagnose, but, I soon found out what was going on as a nurse of 30 years in the very same hospital came in to visit before I was released and gave a clue to work with. She stated she had never seen so many who maintained healthy diets, exercised regularly and otherwise healthy being admitted without any real diagnoses. This most certainly sparked curiosity on my part.

While re-cooperating I researched and found that on April 9 of this year 2019, a few weeks before illness hit, they turned on the 5th Generation Millimeter Wave, not to be mistaken for 5G.  5GMM is connected to the electric grid and hangs piggybacked to the electric wires outside. I suffer from the damaging effects of the 5th Generation Millimeter Waves everyday. Being sensitive to the waves continues to produced illnesses. Pressure is felt upon the chest, eyes puff out and muscles cramp up regularly. I feel I am being slowly electrocuted everyday and every second of the day. I wake up with cramps/charlie horses. I cry a lot inside.

I can't afford to move. In order not to suffer pain therapy, protection and supplements are in need. I am overwhelmed by the costs for Massage Therapy to loosen the constant knotted muscles, Chiropractic Procedures and supplements at $150 a month. It's a desire to raise an amount of money that this campaign will allow for devices, therapy and supplements needed to lessen the effects of these waves that insurance will not cover. I'm hopeful to raise $1800, but of course, any amount would be appreciated greatly.

Please prayerfully consider donating to this campaign and help a healing combat. I will post updates of his progress along the way. Thank you for your consideration.

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