Let's Launch!

eFundYourHealth.org  is a social giving platform for alternative medicine.

We directly raise money to help patients get the care they need.

Help us launch the nationwide campaign.


Our Mission

eFundYourHealth is the only crowdfunding platform that provides a vehicle for tax-deductible donations that matches campaign donations, expands the reach of complementary and alternative medical treatments and eases the financial burden for both the patients and those practitioners who want to help but otherwise wouldn’t be able to. 

Patients Get Care

Campaign contributions support alternative medicine for patients

Patients are able to set up their own individual campaigns, and raise money for alternative medicine.

Practitioners Benefit


We are able to supplement health care costs for those looking for Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM). 

Studies suggest that 75% of chronic patients who utilize CAM treatments receive relief.

Sponsors Get Noticed

credit to our corpORATE SPONSORS

Corporate giving represents about 50% of our funding annually. Help us reach our national launch fund goal of $100,000 by pledging a corporate contribution today.

"I was able to prescribe the best regimen regardless of insurance."

Dr. A Cometa, M.D.

We're Ramping Up

The wellness community has come together to raise grant funds to supplement the cost of alternative medicine services.

We use crowdfunding, with new public and private campaigns turning up every day. Our users are engaged campaigners, their supporters, and others looking for a way to affordably get well. 

We work with corporate sponsors to raise funds to offset costs of healthcare, and give these funds to those who are raising money on eFundYourHealth.org. We are in the process of ramping up efforts of bringing new patients and practitioners to eFundYourHealth.org, your contribution will go to support our Nationwide Launch.

We have a generous donor who has agreed to match contributions through this campaign, up to $40,000. Please show your support and donate what you can, so that we can bring true healing to those who truly need it.