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Tripp started experiencing bloody noses, pressure in his head, sinus congestion and tinnitus about a year ago.  In March of 2018 the pressure in his head Intensified  and he was no longer able to function due to the excruciating pain.

He endured 4 ER Visits where he was treated as a drug seeker. Not even examined until the 4th visit (within 10 days) and it was found he had fluid building up behind his right ear. He was admitted and surgery performed to resect a tissue growth (found to be normal tissue) and tubes in his ears to increase drainage.

None of this resolved the intense pressure in his head or the tinnitus. He was sent home unable to function without high doses of pain medication, and even then, barely able to sit up or eat. He’s seen three physicians at a free clinic since his hospital visit - and all have different ideas of what is going on....all have prescribed new medications to treat symptoms only.

We are ready to truly find the source of the problem. Stop all of the guessing and medications that is just a stab in the dark.  We need to test him properly to find the truth. And that’s why we are creating this campaign!

Tripp was the main provider for our family - and we’re struggling to make ends meet as it is. This campaign will help us gain the power to get out from under a cycle of medication and guessing and be able to afford the testing needed to find the TRUTH about the root cause of his illness. Then we will be able to properly seek the treatment he needs.

We are truly grateful for all of the love and support on this tough journey!

  • Anonymous donated – $249.40
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  • In honor of Tripp's mother, Penny, whom I love very much. donated – $100.00
  • In memory of my cousin Anthony donated – $107.50