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Hello.  My name is Tim.  For the past two years, my energy has depleted gradually until I just have no energy left.  With a physically demanding job, and two young children, it is vital that I have energy.  My life has been greatly effected as I no longer can work in my  field, and it is hard to keep up with my children.  I want to enjoy my family, and return to my daily activities so I reached out to the Vitality Detective, who is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner.   She is coaching  me to have a more healthy lifestyle, and educating me on making good choices about food, vitamins, minerals and exercise.   I hope to make this a lifestyle, and include my wife and kids on this journey so they will also make good choices.

While I think this is the right path, and prefer spending money at the grocery store rather than a doctor's office, it is not cheap.  Any funds my family can recieve to help will be greatly appreciated.