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UPDATE: Taylor continues to fight this infection- round the clock IV antibiotics through her picc line - and hopefully some answers as to why her bone failed to fuse in her last surgery - and why her body isn't fighting this infection well- will come with specialist appointments this week - her mental health is struggling ( understandably) - please raise awareness of our fundraiser- rebuilding her broken body is going to take some help - appreciative of any support that you can give for this sweet girl to shine again !

My sweet daughter has been battling health complications ever since being exposed to toxic mold; her journey started 5 years ago and has continued to deteriorate. Her diagnosis list is long and complex, some of the disease processes she has accumulated include: Erlers Danlos Syndrome - a condition that causes difficulty healing, collagen deterioration, subluxing joints, cervical spine instability, tethered cord syndrome; broad spectrum autoimmune disease - she shows symptoms of several autoimmune diseases including body wide psoriasis. She was also labeled cfs/me; an invisible disease causing severe energy dysfunction, weakness, body wide pain and sensory issues

Last year Taylor underwent a cervical spine fusion c3-5, over the preceding months her tethered cord symptoms progressed and included losing stregnth in her legs, bladder dysfunction, head pain and pressure, nerve demyelination and dysautonomia.

on sept 20/21 she underwent detethering surgery of her spinal cord - with the intention of pursuing rehabilitation to regain her lost life.  Her surgery went well and recovery was expected to go well.
on sept 30 she developed swelling at the incision site and was readmitted to the hospital with uncontrollable pain. NOT ONE of the 7 layers of narcotic pain meds touched the pain and she had to wait 20 hours before being taken into surgery to clean out an infection. She developed a staph infection around her spine. 5 days later she was discharged with a picc line and continued iv treatments at home. Taylor was home for 3 days before her surgery site began oozing fluid and a spinal cord leak was suspected. We returned to the ER to be assessed; upon consulting the neuro team, it was decided the incision looked suspicious of further infection despite targeted treatment.
Taylor was admitted for a third surgery within the last 20 days- to cleanse the wound again and has been on high dose broad spectrum antibiotics for serious infection.

after surgery, Taylor's surgeon called and told me he has never seen an infection so bad and that it had 'eaten' it's way towards her spinal cord, luckily it was cleaned before getting into the spinal fluid.  Upon further discussion her neurosurgeon also concluded that her fusion from the year before also didn't heal properly, her bone didn't form around the screws to solidify stability in her neck.
It is now apparent her immune system is so dysregulated that it is not healing or fighting infection appropriately and infectious disease and immunology teams are being consulted.
This was supposed to be her turning corner, the surgeries that helped her regain her life, but now we are in the hospital fighting a terrible infection that although is responding to antibiotics in a lab, is not doing the same in her body.

we want to have treatments with Dr Bauerschmidt at Deeper Healing to help Taylor repair her broken body, we believe if anyone can help her journey to get her immune system to function correctly and rebuild her strength, it is him.
it is terrifying to have a leading neurosurgeon that deals with complexities all over the country tell us 'I've never seen an infection like it'

please help us get Taylor the support she needs to heal her body, to regain her life, and eventually give to the world all of the amazing gifts she holds.
Taylor is a writer on Instagram inspiring others with poetry on chronic illness. Her Instagram page is @taylorashleypoetry

I spend my time researching, educating and supporting others all over the world by sharing our story, and the effects of toxic mold.  This is not studied enough in science; yet I have seen the damaging effects up close and personal with my daughter and the hundreds suffering from similar exposures.

I encourage everyone to join the podcast 'exposing mold' with Erik Johnson; watching the Netflix movie 'unrest' from Jen Brea and reading Julie Rehmeyer's book 'into the shadowlands; all journeys that led me towards the right set of doctors to help my daughter.

Dr Bauerschmidt is essential in helping Taylors body become strong enough to allow these interventions to do what they were intended to.
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thank you for supporting our family in this journey!
Tami Zigabarra #momwarrior

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