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I have suffered for so very long and with the Kind help of several people last year I was able to finally see a functional Medicine doctor. I am still very ill but the medications, supplements and necessary requirements have so far actually helped me enough to where I do truly want to keep living and am sincerely motivated to keep working as the doctor is directing. The authentic problem is that I truly do not have enough resources (money) to pay the doctor and to purchase what she is proscribing. When I was able to do this for a brief time consistently, I had tears of joy and actually felt like wanting my life back for the first time in several years.

The problem is that I am not able to buy what is required and I feel kind of desperate and afraid. Someone suggested that the do another eFund request and I am doing this now with sincere gratitude to anyone who chooses to Help me. If I even truly do get my life back and am able to resume my profession and income, I will be donating as often as I can to efund and the people who sincerely and truly do need actual Help!  A deep Sincere Thank You to anyone who can help me now.

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