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At 26, I've never quite been able to enjoy my life...My mom would take me to a million doctors, psychiatrists, you name it growing up, with not a single correct diagnosis, besides OCD, gastrits, and lactose intolerance....Through college I continued to struggle with my energy, stomach problems, and debilitating fatigue after meals and upon waking. Up until recently, my morning was my worst enemy. I could sleep for 12 + hours and never have the energy to get up. Every, single, day. My motivation to work and pursue my dreams was always been subdued because of my afflicition. It wasn't until a colonscopy a few years ago that showed Crohn's disease, and it wasn't until recently that I finally stumbled on a few peptides from this functional nutritionist that have been doing wonders (BCP-157 and a few more). The only issue is, they are expensive, and between that and Stelara (an immunosupressant), which my insurance will only partially cover, I desperately need some money to continue on this plan.

I'm so brutally tired of thinking and dealing with my health 50% of the time, of every day, all of my life....I'm tired of feeling trapped, and so badly just want to live a good life. Only a few understand this relentless fatigue, but I know, I pray, I'm so close to breaking it. Any help would be beyond appreciated...Please contact me/call me if you feel as though you'd like to help me, even the tiniest amount. Thank you..Seth

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