Seeking Funding To attend Alternative to Meds Center 60 day inpatient program that has great reviews with long term success rates to Taper off Psych meds which will be replaced w/alternative med centers treatment plan so I can live a normal life again and hold a full-time job and be productive and contribute to society again and live a meaningful full life.



NEEDS: $68,960

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How has your life been affected? 

When I was in my early 20s I was engaged to a guy and I found out he was cheating on me. Immediately I thought it was my fault for gaining weight that he cheated on me so I took adderall to lose weight when I didnt have ADHD but just so I would lose weight. This drug caused a chemical imbalance in my brain because I didnt have a true need for the drug and I used it long term and abused it to lose weight. Now, I know it is not my fault he cheated that I had to hurt myself to try to look better for him. Now I have been given the diagnosis of bipolar for the symptoms I got when I withdrawled from the adderall when I stopped taking it. My life has been hell. I have had psychosis and mania which has made me quit jobs before I got fired, it ruined relationships I had, and I have struggled with taking care of activities of living at some points too from feeling anxiety and feeling overwhelmed with working and trying to take care of a home and myself and maintain relationships that i normally didnt struggle with prior to the meds and trauma. Some trauma was because i had a lower view of self after being diagnosed and the guilt and shame I carried from the psychotic break /manic events I couldnt control. And I am at high risk for diabetes because its a side effect of the medicine I take with being overweight from the medicines side effects.

I am seeking $65k the cost of 60 days in the program and 1years worth of the supplementation to be off psych meds and to pay for gym membership that has a sauna to help with withdrawls..

What are you doing to recover?

I try to exercise at least 3x a week. I do my best to eat right.I try to interact with relationships that are low stress and I set better boundaries.I use music and art for self care therapy.

  • Will the campaign impact your life?
  • It will impact my life because if I can work again 40 hours I dont have to be dependent on parents financially or the government and tax payers for money to live on. And I will have extra money to do things vs no money to do extra things with not enough money for bills because my anxiety and depression interfere with me working over 20-25 hour
  • Who is on your wellness team :
  • I currently attend zepf center and want to attend alternative to meds center in sedona AZ
  • How will your wellness team help:
  • They Will help me come off of meds and handle medication withdrawl, rebuilding biochemistry and replace my meds with vitamin/supplementation and chelation, nutrition, sauna and adjuntive therapies so I can get my life back. 
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