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Hi, I am writing on behalf of my mother. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer less than a year ago, and had her left breast removed. After opinions from two doctors, it was decided that she needs chemotherapy. Once her chemotherapy began, I was surprised how well she was doing. However, she started experiencing memory loss, and insomnia, which eventually led to anxiety, and panic attacks, which led to her treatments being stopped. On top of all of this, her "mental health" care has been mismanaged, and mental state has worsened over the course of a few months. She now also has paranoia, and has been making up stories in her head. My mom has always worked hard and even on her days off, spent that time cooking for her family and cleaning. Now, she says she doesn't even remember how to make tea. I am seeking care for her and believe strongly that she can be helped with the right treatment and care. However, it is all out of pocket care, and difficult for our family to afford. 

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