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Sam is a conscientious college senior who was interning the summer before his final semester.  After attending a concert in New Orleans he uncharacteristically did not return home or contact us.   We contacted the Sheriff's department and began searching for him throughout the city.  With the help of the police and community miraculously we found him  five days later.   When we found him he  had amnesia,  his personal belongings were missing, including his shoes and he had different clothes on.  We're still not sure what happenened to him. but it is suspected that he was a victim of foul play.    We just thanked God that he was found alive.    Sam was seen at the ER and admitted into the hospital for diagnosis.  He was diagnosed with amnesiac fugue and had lost his memory.  This is a rare condition usually brought on by trauma and as such there are not many facilities that treat his condition.  The facility he was admitted to was not a trauma based unit so he could not get the type of therapy he needed.  The only other facility in the area that has a trauma treatment program said they could not help him to recover his memory.   There are a coupld of treatment facilities which use a wholistic approach to treatment but they are private pay and will not accept our insurance.  We have tried treatment with Psychiatrist but the current medical model of medication instead of psychoanalyst is not appropriate for his condition.   Sam is seeing a therapist which is helpful with dealing with the additional issues that this condition causes.

After speaking with several highly regarded alternative therapist who recognized a connection between brain function, memory and medical conditions we decided to seek an alternative approach to his treatment.  Sam's history of childhood illness' may have contributed to his current condition.  We have been working with many professionals to help him return to a normal life.  Sam has adrenal issues, chronic fatigue, gut problems  and other medical issues that can affect memory.  Before this happened Sam had  a virus which could have caused brain inflammation and the antibiotic prescribed to him could have led to his memory problems.  There are several diagnostic test and alternative treatments which he needs for proper diagnosis.

Sam has always been a kind and caring person who  wanted to help the less fortunate, particularly the homeless.     We are dedicated to getting Sam the proper diagnosis and treatment that will restore his health and allow him to live a fulfilled life.  Your help in whatever capactiy you can will be greatly appreciated.  if you can donate that would be great, if not, perhaps you could spread his message to others who may be able to.  Prayers are gratefully welcomed also.  When we were looking for him we talked to everyone we came across, put up flyers, posted it on social media, etc.  It was with the help of the community and the determination of love that found him.  I trust the same will help him again.  Thank you for your interest and taking the time to read his story.