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A year ago, our father started having trouble with him digestive system. He had extensive testing done hoping to discover what was causing him so much trouble. After months of testing and diet changes, he was told that his gut needed healing and that it would take time. We waited. We hoped. We prayed! We tried special diets. We tried drinking aloe and cutting out specific foods. 11 months after the original diagnosis dad had progressed from acid reflux to nausea and throwing up. He lost a lot of weight and began turning down foods he always loved. He lost a lot of physical strength. Anyone who knows my father knows my dad is the opposite of weak. He had continued to work out and maintain his healthy lifestyle to no avail. It seemed like no matter what he did he would end up back at square one. Sick again. We were introduced to Carolina Holistic Medicine. After further testing it was discovered that our father had pancreatic cancer. Our family is devastated by this news but not defeated. We are working with amazing doctors at Carolina Holistic Medicine in conjunction with Roper St. Francis Hospital and we are determined to fight this battle by my mom and dad’s side.

The expenses for the overall treatment along with the holistic treatment needed to keep my dad’s body strong during chemotherapy can be very expensive. While insurance covers a lot of the cancer treatment my parents will be paying at least $8000.00 out of pocket. We will also be paying for most of the holistic treatment out of pocket as it is not covered by insurance. We know that one way or another God will provide as He always has and always will. However, it was suggested by Carolina Holistic Medicine that we start a fundraiser. By doing so our father becomes eligible for grants that can go toward his upcoming medical bills. I also personally believe that my father is loved by many and that this may be a way for some to reach out and say I love you and I am here for you. Please consider donating and if this isn’t the right avenue for you please consider sending him a card in the mail. He doesn’t check email or get on social media a lot but cards would be right up his alley.