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Rebecca's Breast Cancer Story

My  name is Rebecca, my dad use to say  "Rebecca from sunnybrook farm" when I was a little girl.

I didn't understand who she was until I was older, any way I am 57 years young and still full of life. I have been married for twenty years with my soul mate and have two beautiful daughters from my first 20 years of marriage that are grown .  I now have  been married in my second marriage and have six grandchildren from the ages of 8 up to 24 years of age.  I recently became widowed due to my husband passing from this terrible dieases cancer on August 23ed of 2016 and if that was not devastating enough  then a new trauma began. 

My  husband and I had a successful appliance business for 18 years and had 4 rental houses that we had worked hard for. When my husband became sick with cancer we were not able to stay open  very long only  for  a short time longer before we had to close our business. I had no help with his illness from outside or in the family at that time.

I could not work outside of the home because I had to take care of my husband. I had no income coming in to our household due to his illness and closing the business. We had lost our business our four rental house and our primary residenence that we built ourselves and lived for 14 years.

Then my husband didnt have the will to live any longer and wouldnt fight for his life because we had lost everything, he just gave up fighting for his life. I was at my lowest ever I could be at this point, however I had to go on and fight to get up eveyday with out my husband and all the things we had worked for all these years since I was 14 working my first job. I wasen't willing to give up,  I still had reasons to keep going on in my life , I had two beautiful daughters and six grandchilren that love me very much.

I began everyday to chose to fill it with joy and live life to the fullest with my children and grandchildren and everyday became better nd better with everyday with my family. Then when i went in for my yearly memogram they found a mass in my breast. They did more test and come to find out that i had breast cancer . I could not beleive tis is happening to me after just losing my husband to cancer, I now have to deal with it again with out him by my side. However I want to live and I am not giving up.

So I began to do more research on natural ways to heal cancer . Months of research I came acrross two natural ways to treatment and cure cancer, the real cure  and not a scam . The only thing is that you have to have the funds to get it, which I do not  have . The insurance wont pay for my treatment because they want you to do it their way with posioning your body with chemo and radiation and having surgerys cutting and mutatly ones body to devastation. I feel I am being force to do it there way and I do not beleive thats right.

I have never ever ask for help during my life time I was always the one that helped others with a very willing and grate ful heart.

Then on the  other hand when I know their is a cure out there  and cant get it because I dont have the money to get it. that makes me sad. The docyors want me to have a full mycetomey and I do not want to go through this devastating procedure when its un necesary to do so. I dont want to be forced into having chemo or raditaion when there is natural ways to treat the cancer. I have many years of life in me to be with my children and grandchildren to spend them with. This is a devastating and terrible dieases to deal with. I am not giving up and with your help and Gods help we can make a difference in one person life with sticking together to foght this horrifing dieases.

I am asking to please help mr to get this treatment to save my life and not have to be mutalated by surgerys and posioning my body with chemicals being force on me.

I am very grateful for reading my story and thank you a head of time for your donation that will change alife forever.

God bless you and your family and I pray you never have to deal with this dieases ever with in your self or your family members.