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I grew in up in a poor family in West Virginia. I was physically and sexually abused and so I add this part not to have you feel sorry for me, but perhaps help you understand how perhaps this has contributed to my current illness. I grew up in a junkyard and of course was not fed properly, cared for as far as having tick checkups and lost my home to flooding in 1985. My grandparents died when I was in college and so I was left to figure it all out on my own. Thankfully I was on a small scholarship so that helped to absord some of the financial burden. I am now a special education teacher and have always worked in older buildings. I don't know if mold is my problem, but I'd say an accumulation of many things has gotten me here. 

Two years ago in November 2019 I started to experience full body twitching and involuntary body movements. I've seen a neurologist who has offered to give me keppra and clonazepam to survive the brutal nights of lost sleep, which I refuse to take these chemicals and so here I am. Still sick with debilitaing symptoms. I have raynauds in my hands and feet and winters are hard. I also recently developed ear ringing. I'm assuming my school is making me sick because the regular doctors cannot find anything wrong with me yet they say it is in my head. I have to continue to work until I can move into another building because I have student loans and life to pay for right now.  I have a little ten year old that has had hives for 14 months after he got covid. I've spent my savings on treatments and am still unwell. I need help. Your help. I cannot be of service to the special education children that need me or be a good mama until I can get well. I would really appreciate your help.

Junkyard Love is what I want to call the book I write one day. Maybe you will be my miracle as I need financial help to come to South Carolina to get this treatment. Thank you kindly. 

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