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Hello! I am a single mother of a beautiful two year old son. Right around my second trimester I began having low blood sugar. The doctors told me it should resolve after I had my son however it did not. I now have to carry diabetic testing kit with me everywhere I go along with sugar because my sugar will drop so low. Regular doctors can’t tell me what’s wrong. During my hospital stay after having my son the hospital told me I needed to get the tdap vaccine. My body and my hormones have not been the same since. After my sons two month shots he developed severe food allergies . He is now down to about 4 foods he can tolerate daily. Chicken, apples, blueberries, celery, and banana. It’s been extremely hard to find a dr that can help with our issues as I do not receive much child support. I have finally found a dr to help my son but no one to help me. I have sold just about everything I own that I do not need to get money for my sons medications (he has to have an epi own due to a severe peanut allergy) and appointments. I would like to be able to raise the money so I myself can see the dr so I can get better and healthy. I would love to work a second job and go back to school so I can  better support us. Thank you for reading and supporting. God bless

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