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I was recommended by my friend Dane, seeing what he went through and I have all my life, I reached out to him. I'll add below a short summary of my illness and autoimmune diseases. I'm trying to raise money to afford the treatment I was told will cost a bit, for a functional doctor.
I don’t know if you or anyone could help me. My story goes back to the day I was a baby. My intestines were flipped, and I need to be careful as to what I eat in regards to onions, beans etc., anything that could bloat me. I get intestinal blockages, but mine are not the regular ones. I’m in medical books as longest oldest survivor with it. I can’t have anymore surgery... Everytime they did, it pops up worse on a different spot.

I’m also a triple cancer survivor as well, I had my right side lung taken out (never smoked etc.) and psychologically that was already a rough path to go through. Not knowing if I'd see my son grow up. 
In 2012 I woke up with double and warped vision, they found out 17 specialists later and many tests that I have Vestibular neuritis and labyrinthitis with bppv and Ménière’s disease. I’m 24/7 dizzy and get vertigo out of the blue. I have tried to change diets and all to see, if I can find easement. In the end I had brain surgery, to no avail... I am resting all the time for 7 1-2 years now and went from 105 pounds to over 200 pounds 🙁
In January of last year I was diagnosed with sjorgens, arthritis that leaves me often in crippling pain, and lupus as well as diabetic and put me on tresiba cus I can’t handle medicines well they figured insulin best way to go. Since I can’t lose weight despite low carb diet/ keto. Tried it and stops after losing 10-15 pounds. I'm on heavy dose steroids for the arthritis, but it doesn't always work but spikes sugars and also makes me gain weight! 
My doctors call me a challenge... I’m just flat out exhausted ? and tried any kind of physical therapy and techniques and diet changes, but nothing works. Ive traveled for different countries/ specialists, they’ve all given up, like nothing can be done. But I refuse to just give up. Yet I know I need help. 

thank you for considering helping me, I'm at my wits end, but seeking help. Blessings