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I am active 60 yr old teacher who cycles and swims for wellness and enjoying life to the fullest.  God is my strength and my all.  He has carried me through many life challenges and I know He will see me through even an autoimmune protocol, if that's what I need to regain the optimal health  someone can have at my age.  My faith is my anchor.  One of my biggest allies is a Natropathic doctor and is walking beside me and offering great advice, emotional and spiritual support.  We hope and pray I can be an overcomer and not a statistic, and all the praise and glory will go to our Sovereign God.  It is all in His hands, but I'm being proactive and seeking the path to good health and wellness through alternative as well as convential medicine.  I'm hoping proper foods for nutrition, supplemental support, massage, acupuncture, etc. will be the solution, if you can help me take this path, I am deeply grateful.  Thankfully, there are alternatives to harsh medicines.  We're all on this journey together, and sometimes the support we can offer each other makes all the difference in the world, it gives hope.  Thank you and God bless!

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