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My son Owen Barnes is a wonderful 12 year old boy who was recently diagnosed with Crohns disease last year.  He is also a little boy who has a G-tube since the age of 8,  which has provided all of his nurtition currently.   Owen requires taking antibiotics frequently to help his GI tract from having increased levels of gas that builds up.  It helps for a while but then the process keeps repeating itself.  Our Doctors recently recommended FMT for Owen and just recently,  Dr. Jason Klop has opened up a clinic opportunity for children with digestive issue to recieve treatment over a 16 week period.  This opportunty could really help Owen from having to take continous antibitoics and also help him with better digestion in the hopes of getting off of his G-tube.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Oppurtunites such as these don't come along often and this is why we feel excited about this great FMT treatment possibility for Owen.  

Andrea Barnes