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Last year I was diagnosed with hypermobility syndrome, copper toxicity and osteoarthritis. Since, I've been sent to multiple specialist due to the symptoms related to these issues, which usually requires more tests and more prescriptions. I've now been tested for just about everything under the sun, have done a few specialty tests trying to figure out why I have these issues and I've tried multiple treatments, none of which have worked or helped. I'm in pain most of the time, I'm constantly tired, it takes everything I have to get out of bed and go to work everyday, I'm always moody and withdrawn in my everyday life. I have very little support, in fact most of my friends, family and coworkers have no idea what I'm really dealing with. All of this has really effected my relationships with my loved ones and friends. I still have several tests I want/need to have done and an NP that I want to consult with but I am out of money and nothing I need to have done is covered by insurance. I just want to feel somewhat normal, pain free, and get back to myself as much as possible. Any help to get me there is greatly appreciated.