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My last campaign was cut short due to the Corona virus lockdown. People who could donate lost their jobs, others had to use their money to buy food and necessary living supplies. For the past few months I have relied on the money raised to pay Alternative Therapy and nutritional supplements to try and stabilize my body, heal from the CHEMO and be able to stay functioning. NOTE:  the $2865 figure you see that was previously raised has all been used up. So I have permission to extend this campaign just a couple more weeks here in AUGUST 2020.  So please give what you can because the medicine I take I have to buy weekly and there are supporting compounds made by a compounding pharmacy that go with it that I already am out of one and need to buy.  GOOD NEWS!  My digestive system is finally back on track, it took almost 6 months! Still having trouble with my fingernails but my hair has begun to grow back.  Thanks to donations, I could buy the nutritional elements that help restore what was destroyed with the CHEMO. The cost of my nutritionals and other compounds are sometimes over $500.00 a month, this is in addition to Tye & Natalie kindly supplying my expenseve AHCC which is an immune boosting compound used in Japan. BACKGROUND:  Since I was diagnosed first part of December 2019 with breast cancer, HER-2+, stage 3/4, I have been seeking the path to total remission. This type of cancer occurs rarely, in about 20% of women.  It is agressive and has spread to my lymph, clavical area and sternum.  My friends talked me into taking CHEMO therapy because it had a promising outcome for my kind of cancer; however, THE BAD NEWS IS not without a cost to my kidneys, skin, nails, hair and digestive system - which I am still trying to get healed up.  Therefore, I cannot continue the CHEMO protocol.  After prayer and seeking, I found out that I could restart my immune system with a treatment called T-Cell Replacement Therapy.  As of March 2, 2020, I have been accepted as a good candidate and ACCEPTED INTO THE T-CELL PROGRAM at New Hope Unlimited! However, this Therapy is not covered by Medicare and neither are the Alternative methods I am using to slow down the growth and spread of the cancer until I can come up with the $31,000 for the T-Cell Program. Therefore, whatever funds you can donate WILL BE IMMENSELY APPRECIATED to help fund my nutrition program and the T-Cell Replacement Therapy so my body survive and fight the cancer.  IN THE PICTURE you see me holding a card, it is the card I received from efundyourhealth campaign.  Once the campaign closes, they will load the final funds on this card. The full program that I need at New Hope Unlimited for the T-Cell Replacement Therapy costs $31,000.00.  However they will start me on the program if I can pay $19,000.00 of the total. SO WE ARE TRYING TO FUND THIS FIRST. After that we have hope that a Jamie Jorge concert can help raise the rest when the gathering restrictions for concerts due to COVID has ended. efundyourhealth is a Fantastic Program, and one you can TRUST!  They are honest and your money is safe with them. and guarantees your money goes directly to funding my HEALTH.  So PLEASE, PLEASE SEND THIS LINK OUT TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS, BUSINESSES, ACQUAINTANCES, CHURCH MEMBERS, ANYONE YOU CANDollars add up and the more people contributing, the sooner I can get into the therapy my body needs to fight off this cancer. I HOPE you can at least give $20.00, or perhaps you can sacrifice to give $50 or $100 + or even $1,000. I NEED YOUR HELP NOW, SO GIVE WHAT YOUR CAN! I also welcome the help of your ernest prayers to God and the healing Spirit of our heavenly Father.  He is the Great Physician. RIGHT NOW MY LIFE IS UNDER ONGOING BIOLOGICAL THREAT, so  I am depending on and asking Jehovah to make the way for my recovery as I go forward doing ALL THAT I CAN. A POSITIVE OUTLOOK:  We are all fortunate to have experienced life in this world and each day is a new chance at the adventure.  I thank God for every moment and every breath.  And of course my hope and hopefully your biggest hope is that of eternal life with Him in a state of being where there is no more sin, sickness, disease or death! PERSPECTIVE: I look at this as a challenge to get over and I am hoping many of you will give me a hand up this mountain I have to climb. I thank God for each one of you! Thank you for giving what you can and may you be blessed in return 100 fold! What is my happy thought?  It is my dearest one and only Grand-daughter, Rose!  She is starting to talk at 19 months old.  She loves to play and pretend that she's reading in her sweet little delightful baby talk.  You can see her with me in the picture when she was 6 months old.  Now she lives with her parents in Maryland.  I miss her so much! Nicole Carlson. 7/24/2020 NOTE: These promises below are what God has given me so that I will have HOPE and a FUTURE. John 15:16 You have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you and I have appointed and placed and purposefully planted you, so that you would go and bear fruit and keep on bearing, and that your fruit will remain and be lasting, so that whatever you ask of the Father in My name (as My representative) He may give to you. Psalms 1:3 And He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoeer he doeth shall prosper.

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  • Brandon & Audrey donated – $107.50
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  • Deanna donated – $37.00
  • Kelsie donated – $5.38
  • Bruce & Leila donated – $107.50
  • Loren & Patty donated – $215.00
  • Dollie donated – $26.88
  • Jim and Donna donated – $161.25
  • Glenda donated – $107.50
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  • Sandra Maxwell donated – $53.75
  • Cynthia donated – $1000.00
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  • Hadassah'John donated – $28.00
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  • anonymous friend of Jesus and Nicole donated – $50.00
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