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I am asking for help with a very big step for my health. Two different surgeries have been

advised-neither of which I wish to have. Instead I have chosen a very differEnt route....


After reading about it for the last two years and attending a seminar offered by Dr. Eckel

of Nature Cures Clinic in Portland, Oregon I decided that this is the best next step and an

 alternative I can live with without invasive procedures. This January 2020 I began my treatments.

My first meetings included two injections into my right shoulder where my rotator cuff is slightly torn

and, four injections into my spine at L2/L3 above where I have two replaced discs. I have been afflicted

with severe arthiritis, degenerative disc disease, fibromyalgia and severe neurapathy. Over these past four years I have had to undergo three additional surgeries-each costing over 30,000+ EACH. I am self-employed

and pay approximately 6,000-7,000 in health insurance per year. Many procedures and therapies

have then been out of pocket expenses. I cannot sustain another surgery nor the costs involved.

I have in the past face medical bankruptcy twice. This I cannot face again. I want my life back.

Therefore, when I learned about this platform for medical support from the Nature Cures CLinic,

I wanted to give it a try. In this past year, my husband lost his job, both parents have been in the

 hospital and it has been necessary for me to travel from Portland to Seattle each month to assist

with family needs there. I have not been very well. This Stem Cell Therapy program is the right choice

for many reasons for me. My troubles began in my 20s. I am now 60 and have a lot ahead of me still.

To date here are some notable improvements:

***the extreme swelling due to inflammation has lessened which allows me to sleep through

the night without waking up in pain.

***I have better range of motion in my right shoulder where my collar bone is up against my

shoulder bone. There is relief there which helps me to drive and do my work as I am right handed.

***I have dropped 7 pounds which indicates to me that the inflammation has been throughout my

body and now has been reduced to a level that I can manage. I hope to lose more weight...

***my pain level during the day is less and so I can work in the afternoons again-teaching.

***I am able to lift light amounts-carrying groceries is possible again. Stairs no longer hurt me.

***part of my therapy will include acupuncture treatments for pain management-something I

have always responded well to. According to Dr. Eckel, "there is an 8 month bell curve where there

can be continued improvements as the body adjusts to cell renewal"! This is good news...

I am very hopeful that there will be continued improvements and that I can get back to living

a full active life again as best as I can. I would sincerely appreciate any financial support in this

journey as I have exhausted resources, quit working in recent years, lost sleep. All this could become reversed. I have taken a personal loan to take this chance. I also believe that this Stem Cell Therapy is the way of the future an hope others might also benefit. I am sharing my story with friends and family at this time and look forward to sharing it with you as well. Surgery is expensive and not always the right solution.

I have had too many to date and cannot sustain any more at this time.


Nancy K.