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My name is Nancy. I'm a blogger, mother, nana, writer, author and gamer.  I have a popular webiste where I inspire others in a variety of ways.    After a few years of incredible ongoing stress I became ill to a point where I feared for my life.  My daughter brought me out to live with her in April of last year as my husband, a disabled vet, was struggling himself.  I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer soon afterwards with very large tumors on my neck.  I've seen regular doctors for tests etc.  Treatment given so far have done more harm than good.  My choice of alternative treatment, while proven effective and much cheaper than Western Medicine, is still more than I can afford and is not covered by my insurance.  

Being very much into natural healing and health, I've worked incredibly hard to eat well, exercise, work on mindfulness etc but due to my inabilty to work or function normally my income is very limited.  Any assistance would be greatly appreicated.  I plan on doing a documentary about my healing process on my website.  

More details, including documentaion, is available on request.

Thank you and be well,
Nancy Ü