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Deeper Healing has a special fund for people with chronic, health limitations, and they offered me the opportunity to take advantage of it. So, I am looking to raise funds that they will match, which will afford me ability to have a medical treatment that I have wanted to have for a while. I've been held back because of the expense. It is called Low Dose Antigen Therapy.  My doctors are convinced that it will give me long lasting sustainable result I have been looking for. For one thing, it will clear up the incessant sneezing and sniffling that I am sure all my friends will be thrilled to have gone! Lol

After decades of struggling with health issues, doing multiple treatments, getting better, then relapsing, I am more than ready to be complete with this. My doctor assures me that this treatment will make a very significant shift that will sustain and maintain a whole new level of health and vitality for me.

I am hoping to accomplish this in the next few months. I've never done anything like this, and it's a bit uncomfortable and humbling. However it feels like an opportunity that will make a bigdifference for me, so I'm putting myself out there. I appreciate any donation of any size towards this. No donation is too small. Thank you, dear angel friends.


in love and graittude,