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Life used to be great for me, full of achievements in a variety of fields. I was getting closer and closer to my dreams unti this awful disease caught me without leaving me for a single day to live my life again. I was about to compete at bodybuilding, start pharmacy first year in 2018/2019 and probably get engaged this summer. Unfortunately, all these got destroyed just by a glance of time. I had to quite gym, take a gap year from study and started to hate life. 

I was on conventional medicine for 8 months but I was just getting worse. In November 2018 I started working with Dane and Preetam. We saw incredible results from November till February. However, I started to have a tough difficulty with BM. So, I had to go to the GP. They dignosed me wrong which made all the work and money which was spent from February till July wasted.

Now I’m in a flare up again, and university starts very soon ??‍♂️. My family has spent so much money on the treatment, but won’t be able to provide more money for any further steps as the financial situation is really bad. I’m trying to raise some money to be able to carry on with the treatment and avoid going on biologics because that will be my only solution to be able to go to university.