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Hi- I’m a 50 year old mother of 2 children, ages 11 and 5. Both adopted through foster care as I could not get pregnant.  I later have found out , through parenting, that it all has been because I’ve struggled with major adrenal fatigue throughout my life. I was born with infected kidneys and had 1/2 removed at the age of 4 , then went on to have major urinary tract infections leading the surgery, then multiple ear infections and throat infections leading to having my tonsils removed. All before I was 16. Then, having been in a major car accident at 24, I had 7 broken ribs and a fractured pelvic bone. With surgery to later shave down the ribs because they healed incorrectly and were causing numbness and tingling. 

So, I have been on many rounds of antibiotics. I struggle with being able to hold my pee and get itchy hands when having too much of certain foods. 

My DNA shows a lot of ++ snps. 

I have struggled with being called dizzy, not being able to hold down a job, not being able to focus on my kids needs because I have felt anxious, brain fogged and removed. I have struggled yelling at my kids because I don’t feel good or have been in pain.

I have had anxiety my entire life, depression and ADHD. Since removing Gluten and dairy, my mouth soars are gone and the depression has lessen but I still do get cold soars under stress.

I would love to be able to feel alive in my own body, to feel happy and not feel overwhelmed all the time so that I may enjoy kids and my husband. To not feel in pain and to feel in charge of myself and my self and my body. So many days, I walk around in circles because I can’t think or I lay down because, after a walk, I’m exhausted and I in pain. My pain threshold is high, so I don’t always notice it and then intake it out on my kids. I would like for them to have a chance on a better life than me and their birth parents. And I need your support to help heal myself of my disordered eating ( I have had anorrexia in the past and overeat at times now) and struggles with food sensitivities( ruby nose and itches hands). 

Please help me fund a small amount so that I may get a Dutch test and or/ organic Oats test and have it read. I’d like answers and help on what and how to eat and to heal my Leaky gut so that I be the best person/ parent/ wife/ daughter/ sister/ neighbor I can be. 

Thank you kindly,