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Welcome to my "Get Well" Campaign!  Please take 60 seconds to read my story.   In 1995 I was working full time, the sole provider as a single parent.  That's when I noticed a gradual decline in strength, endurance and cognition along with unregulated body temperature fluctuations, a consistent debilitating fatigue,  sensitivity to light, sound and weather changes.  I often used my work vacation time as sick time at home hoping rest would enable me to push through life again.  For 12 years I was the patient of numerous doctors, numerous diagnoses and no viable treatment or answers.  In 2007 when I officially resigned my position, the unresolved illness  had no identifiable root cause,  no treatments that produced results  and the insurance industry coded  my real, physical illness simply as anxiety/depression.  For the next 11 years my  reality was survival mode only, struggling to do basic daily living activities, grappling with debilitating fatigue, around the clock overall muscle stiffness and facing increased isolation.  During that time due to physical and financial exhaustion I surrendered my home of 17 years.  I have been unable to enjoy earning a paycheck, to  participate in the activities that once inspired and rejuvenated me and to even be present  with my grandchildren to celebrate their birthdays.  My world  had become very limited physically, financially and emotionally.  During those years and constant research of my symptoms I didn't ask why but asked WHAT does my body need to get well?   I entered the world of Alternative Medicine in 2008  as a result of connecting with another "patient like me" who referred me to a local Naturopathic Doctor who was also one of the nation's  top Registered Pharmacists.  Root causes were identified, supplements were prescribed , I worked with a Registered Dietician and for the next 8 years my body seemed to have a resting period.  However, I didn't get better.

In November, 2018 my  Integrative Medicine Physician informed me of a test result that seemed onimous.  She recommended a specialist in another state as she was not trained to treat this condition.   I reached out to a patient advocacy and support group  whose Facebook Administrator replied to my desperate email and provided me with local referrals for trained specialists.   In December, 2018 I  added my current Healthcare Practitioner to my team who is a trained specialist for this condition.  I'm in the initial stage of rebuilding a strong  immune system through lifestyle education, herbal/nutritional therapies and alternative treatments.  I coordinate the  information between my Healthcare Practitioner and my Integrative Medicine Physician so they both are current on my goals, treatments and progress.  My job is to learn as much as I can about this illness, practice the self care essential to heal, balance my lifestyle and learn that even a small step is improvement.  It's a full time job. 

To experience results where I can regain health I will need to continue treatment protocols for a minimum of one year.   Treatments will advance as my body responds and include, but are not limited to,  weekly alternative therapeutic treatments, well researched herbal therapies,  targeted nutritional therapies and  essential supplements.  I have learned that recovery from this illness requires that I pace life as if I were participating in a marathon.  Getting well will also require a financial commitment to build wellness from the foundation up.  I have my Wellness Team of Practitioners onboard- I need donor support to move forward with the building project.   I also connect with other patients like me who have a wealth of accurate information and experience to share and I contribute as well to others. They are my cheerleaders for the marathon- encouraging, empowering and educating as some are closer to the recovery finish line.  

I keep a daily journal and write down my dreams like revising my life to become self sufficient again, participating in pleasurable activities again, spending time with my grandchildren and using the lessons learned from chronic illness to enhance my life and the lives of others.  I'm grateful that you've read my story.  Now, won't you join me in advancing to the finish line by donating?

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