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My name as you already know is Marcella. I’ve just turned 20. I have been dealing with a surgical wound that led to complications at an intestinal level. I cannot write the symptoms down as they could be disturbing (this is how bad it has been and still is). This has greatly impacted my ability to eat normally and to lead a normal life, I cannot leave the house or see my friends. I can say I have lived hell on earth, but I want to change this now and start living heaven on earth. During these past two years I have seen and visited doctors, hospitals and clinics, with ups and downs, mistakes, wrong treatments and successful ones which should have continued but had to stop before I could be fully healed. I gained lots of knowledge (on an emotional level as well) but I now need a functioning body. To fulfill my purpose in life I need to be healthy. Now there is a prospective operation which is in the process of being established in order for it to be non-invasive I would need nutritional support. I want to be of value to this earth and be of help, but right now I need your help. This is the money I need for one month supply of the nutritional supplements I should be taking. You might ask yourself if I haven’t been living for two years how can I achieve my healing in only one month? The answer is because my symptoms have to end immediately. Also, I now know what I need to take. For example, I started with a complete elemental food called Absorb plus, which allowed me to gain weight and not feel hungry, and which I would like to continue taking. Additionally, although I make home prepared foods - meat extracts, liver formula, carrot juice, bone broth, I still need supplements like probiotics, vitamins, proteins, amino acids, healthy fats and oils and natural antibiotics. I have started the Ehealth campaign to enable me to get these supplements to regain my strength and finally heal the wounds so that I can become a happy healthy human being that can be of service and have impact in this world.