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This is a last resort type of thing, as I have tried to do this on my own up until now, but at this point have no choice but to ask for some help.

I have been suffering from a few illnesses over the past 10 years and my life has been on hold as I try to get myself well enough to live my life again.  Hypothyroid, MTHFR++, Adrenal Insufficiency, Hormone Imbalances,  plus other autoimmune type things.   It seems like it is one thing after another but I know they are all connected and I need to get to the origin of the problem to ever become completely well again.

I have, at this point, used up all of my savings and run my credit card and line of credit up as far as I can, in my quest to be well again.   I cannot work at this point due to the overwhelming fatigue. 

I found a practitioner that I know can help me but was only able to afford to do one appointment and do not have the funds to continue with the testing and follow up appointments that are needed. 

It seems that the type of help that I need is not available through our conventional medical system, and my experience has been that they tend to make me worse instead of better as they do not understand how to help me.  I am very sensitive to most medications and it seems that is all they have to offer.

I did have alternative practitioners that helped me along the way, plus I did tons of research trying to help myself, and I was able to to improve and see some hope, but now can no longer afford the testing, appointments or supplements that I need to get well.    So I am sliding backwards again . . .

Any help, big or small, would be greatly appreciated!

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