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Lorelei is a very sweet hearted person who would sit down with a beggar on the street corner and just be a friend to them.  She has the most loving heart of anyone I have ever met.

Tragically, she has gone through a whole string of very stressful and destructive circumstances in her life all of which have taken a heavy toll on her health.  She has literally dozens of symptoms and often spends 20 hours or more in bed at a time and is too week to get up. 

Lorelei is very health conscious and is a diligent researcher of solutions to her health.  Despite all her attempts to regaining her own health she has been unable and continues to get worse.  She has been to many doctor appointments and had many many tests done.  The treatments offered have not helped her.

Recently we watched a health docuseries by Jonathan Otto.  In the series, he featured several doctors who really understand the wholistic nature of the body and how to enable the body to heal.  Lorelei finally had hope that there was someone out there who could help her.  One of the doctors stood out to her who happens to be located within driving distance.  We contacted Dr. Nuzum and learned that his fees are $5000 that cover his services over a six-month time period.  Additionally, lab tests and prescriptions/supplements are estimated to cost an additional $3000.  With her inability to work, this is overwhelming. 

Her situation seemed hopeless but through much prayer and the help of Jonathan Otto, we learned of eFundYourHealth.org.  Once again, we have hope.  If you would be willing to help fund Lorelei's health care costs, we would be eternally grateful and so will all those people she will minister to once she recovers.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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