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Hi Everyone,   My name is Lisa and I am currently suffering from several autoimmune disorders. One being chronic Lyme disease, the others being mold Toxicity ( also known as CIRS) and Mercury poisoning from Amalgams.

Due to Toxic Mold exposure, I had to leave my home and all of my belongings in it 8 months ago after becoming severely ill living in a family my family member's home over 7 years time. In that 7 years, I was completely debiliated and no doctor that I had seen could tell me why.

I spent all of my life savings, sold my house, my car and anything I owned that was worth anything to try to get a diagnosis and help for my unknown conditions. Doctors kept diagnosing me with things like Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Migraine, TMJ Disorder, Spine disorders, etc. But I knew there had to be more for how I felt. For almost 7 years I was homebound and unable to work, socialize, etc and was on various medications that never helped me regain any kind of quality of life.

After doing my own research last year, I realized that I had all of the symptoms of Chronic Lyme disease. I had then remembered being diagnosed and treated for acute Lyme disease years ago back in 2005. I had no idea that it could become chronic if not treated properly and that it was one of the reasons why I had been suffering for so long. I found a Lyme literate doctor, received a positive test and begain treating. But the nightmare for me unfortunately was just still beginning. Many symptoms persisted and did not fit with the Lyme diagnosis. For instance, my eyes were always red and burning constantly. My vision would be fine one minute and then blurry the next. I could not sleep more then 3 hours a night no matter what I tried. My throat would often be sore and burning. My brain was literally swelling in my head and going numb at the same time. I had uncontrollable tremors.

Being extremely terrified at what was happening to my body and brain. I kept researching. Again, I had found another root cause. I was reading about the connection to mold with chronic lyme. I kept reading articles that stated that no one with chronic Lyme should be living in water damaged buildings and that many with Lyme were getting sick with mold toxicity due to living or working in water damaged buildings. I then realized that I was living in a water damaged apartment in a family members house. there had been a roof leak and several leaks under the sink. I also connected my timeline of becoming debilitated and sick to when I owned my own home , an 1890 built farmhouse. (Both very old and water damaged homes are known to contain toxic mold). It turns out I went from one home with it to another after I had had a surgery in 2011.

All of this caused my immune system to completely crash. My heart was going crazy, no sleep, and my brain I could feel swelling in my head. The numbness I felt would cause me to lose the ability to talk or remember anything. I still have no short term memory and very little executive functioning in my brain. At times it felt like I was having a heart attack and I was losing weight very rapidly after years of unexplained weight gain. My hair was failing out and I couldnt stop shaking. I joined a bunch of online sites for mold and lyme looking for answers and help. The people online told me that I was in an extremely dangerous situation with the mold and that I needed to leave ASAP if I wanted to save my life. They also said I could take nothing with me , otherwise I would just keep recontaiminating myself with unseen toxic mold spores from my home. I was advised not even to take my clothes or my bottles of medication.

So one day in February 2018, I took my dog (who also had been getting sick the house since we had moved in) And I fled to a hotel with only $300 left in my account. I could only afford the hotel for a couple nights.  When I first got to the hotel, I could barely speak and I looked and sounded like someone who had been using drugs ( I don't use drugs) After that, for the past 5 months, it has been a series of places I have tried to stay. Friends houses, hotels, driveways in other peoples cars, etc.

Because the mold and lyme had gone so long without being treated, I was now sensitive to all kinds of chemicals and molds. My friends were amazing for taking me in to get me off the street, but unfortunately, I would react to their homes to such a severity that I would often have to sit outside day and night in freezing temperatures to get out of the house. The hotels I had tried to stay in all had carpets, paints, etc that I would react to. I am still homeless and very very sick. I have run out of money and places to go. I have been staying with another friend in his home but the presence of mold here is keeping me very very ill. I also no longer can afford to see a lyme literate doctor. I have seen a mold doctor and was properly tested a few months ago and my diagnosis confirmed. I have CIRS or Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome which means my body has a strong reaction (inflammatory Response) whenever I am exposed to biotoxins. This is because my body lacks thr gene tnag can automatically detox thesr toxins as it does with healthy immune systems. Since mine has been damaged by infections, it can no longer do this on it's own.

Unfortunately, I will no longer be able to see my Environmental Illness doctor and have not even begun to get the help that I so desperately need if I am to survive. This is why I am creating this fundraiser. There is another doctor 3,000 miles away in California that I believe may be able to help me. I need your help in getting there. I am not sure of the cost of getting there and staying there in order to see him. I'm setting my initial goal at $5,000. I do have another fundraiser to help with costs of living and trying to find a safe environment for me to live in while I receive treatment. The first step of any mold illness protocol is to remove yourself from the environment that continues to make you sick. I have been unable to do that yet and knowing this is very frustrating and scary as I just want my life back. I am from New England where many of the houses and buildings are old and or water damaged.

I want my brain back and to feel like myself again. And because these are invisible illnesses. No one around me seems to understand and I have very little support. I am homeless and drowning in years worth of medical debt. And I have also had to give up my dog, the only family I've had left. I need him back and I want to give us both a healthy place to live. I'm hoping this doctor can help. Time is of the essense for me. Please, if you are reading this, please please help in any way that you can, even if it is just sharing this and getting the word out for me. This is taking me a lot of brain power to be able to write. I need help so desperately so that these illnesses do not take my life. As it is, I have absolutely no quality of life and haven't for a very long time. I also miss my dog more then words can ever express.

I feel like I have been through a fire and lost everything. It's kind of the same thing, only with a fire, a community gathers together to help the affected. Not so with toxic mold and lyme. Please help if you can. I need treatment so badly. Thank you so much for reading this and for any support that you can offer. It would be so appreciated. Please help me get my life back.

Thank you so much. God bless.