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Neurological / Lyme / Autoimmune

In 2012 I lost my ability to walk or function normally.  The cause was Transverse Myelitis (TM) - a rare neurological disease of the spine.  Rehabilitation, funded by kind-hearted donors, restored me from incapacitated to a person with basic functionality - for which I am eternally grateful.  My next step is to continue treatment and reach my best possible level of recovery.  

Donations are matched up to $5,000!  And your donation is tax-deductible!  WOW!!!  Please read on . . .

Recently I assembled a medical/wellness team in CT and underwent scores of tests.  From a neuro-physical standpoint, I still have impairment limitations to overcome.  And as some of you know, I struggled with Lyme and autoimmune issues prior to getting hit with TM.   I recently contracted Lyme disease again, and since Lyme disease is a known cause of TM -  a stealth pathogen protocol is part of my treatment plan - to safeguard against a TM relapse.  

My Treatment Plan emphasizes stem cell regeneration, elimination of pathogens & toxins, spinal health, neuro-rehabilitation for the central nervous system, superior-quality supplements & whole foods, and energetic balancing.  If we raise enough funds my treatment plan will include a month-long stay at a health center specializing in overcoming diseases with an integrative approach - staffed by medical doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors,  naturopaths, psychologists,  research scientists, and other health professionals.   It is there that the stem cell regeneration work takes place. 

My Health Challenges are Complex, but the Good News is that my medical team believes with 12-24 months of treatment I can recover the majority of my health and with it a long-awaited return to an active, pain-free, purposeful life.  To be honest with you . . . I'm desperate for this.  While I am thrilled I made a partial recovery, my life is not what it could be, and since our medical system is broken and I'm left to my own devices - I turn once again to crowdfunding to make Phase 2 of my recovery possible.  

This treatment plan, even with some help from insurance, is a financial impossibility for me, as it would be for most people.  So if you are motivated to make a donation and help me shine brightly again . . . I thank you from my heart and hope the universe bestows many blessings upon you!   ~ Namaste

P.S.   Please accept our heartfelt thanks now for your donation, as we (Dow & I) may be unable to send you a loving thank you later on.  eFundYourHealth's website is in BETA and currently lacks the functionality to contact donors through the website.  A workaround would be for donors to leave their full name.

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