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My symptoms all began 8 years ago in January 2011, when I got a strange set of symptoms that included fevers, muscle spasms, and joint pain. Doctors said that I was just stressed and refused to provide any medical testing. Eventually my muscle cramps spread all throughout my body.  

Each year, my symptoms have worsened and my primary care doctors were unable to find any root causes. This year, I acquired an H Pylori infection along with a variety of food intolerances. I was able to beat the infection but my symptoms have continued to intensify. I lost 50 pounds and am now 134 lbs, which is incredibly thin considering that I’m 6 feet 4 inches tall. My muscle spasms are constant and cause very sharp pain. I have severe fatigue that often prevents me from going to work. I went to a practioner that was able to diagnose me with chronic Lyme disease, along with heavy metal poisoning, and mold illness.

I am currently working as a Special Education instructional aide at a high school, where I work with students with various cognitive impairments. I live with my partner and three lovely rescue dogs. I have spent all my savings on the h pylori treatment, bloodwork, and the removal of my silver (mercury-based) filling. I have quite a journey to go that includes detoxing the heavy metals, treating mold toxicity, and then treating the Lyme disease. Doctor’s visits, bloodwork, and medications for these treatments are expected to be fairly costly. I would greatly appreciate any financial support, as it would help support me in regaining my health and wellbeing!