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I have been floxed! I have severe muscle weakness/cramps, weight loss, anxiety and panic attacks my hair is falling out, nausea, gut issues. Just to name a few symptoms.

I am a mother of two children age 7 and 9. My husband suffers from COPD and rheumatoid arthritis. I worked full time and went to college. Now I am struggling just to go to the grocery store. My family depends on me.

I contacted Sterling Hill at MTHFR support and found there is help available for me only I don’t have any money. Please any help is appreciated.

Below is just a few of the things i know I will need to start with.

Great Plains Lab OAT  (all floxies have oxalate issues and this lab is urine and focuses on Oxalate
Ancestry DNA kit so we can look your DNA. 
A consult with me so I can give you notes to where you are  compromised. 
a Great Plains lab mycotoxin urine kit.
A neurotransmitter kit
A cortisol kit 
A urine amino acid kit. 
And vitamins minerals and fatty acid panels