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Hi! This is me and my son KC. We are so grateful that you are taking time out of your day to read our story. The reason I am campaigning for help is for a blood panel that our insurance does not cover. It would be for us both since I feel I may have passed some things on to my son. But if we only raise enough for one of us, I will get him tested first. KC is a wonderful boy who is 6 years old.  He started kindergarten this last fall and struggled with behavioral issues. He was coming home saying he is a bad kid. At this point I made the difficult decision to put him on medication for his ODD and ADHD. I also pulled him from his class and am homeschooling him for the remainder of kindergarten to build back his self esteem. It has been going great! But I know that his diagnoses are a sign of something else going on in his brain. The blood panel would help us rule out or find out of he has PANS/PANDAS by testing autoantbodies. It is through Vibrant Health and is called the Neural Zoomer. It is $299 a person. So I am only asking enough to cover us both on the tests. (Hopefully there isn't taxes!) I'm a single mom, and a student. My major is in social work so I have faith that there are those out there who have the heart and willingness to help. When I am in a better place financially I promise to pass it on. Thank you for reading!