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FROM HELLness to WELLness

ln the twenty + years time of remission I've had from Non-Hodgekins and Hodgekins Lymphoma, I have been on a journey of diligently improving and being proactive for my health and recovery. I've been researching and adding supplements, increasing my plant based diet, and learning many Healing Arts since my more recent diagnosis of breast cancer in April of 2019.

The first two times I was treated completely with conventional medicine. Over the last 15 years, I recovered from long-term side effects,which included auto-immune disorders,chronic fatigue,infammatory weight gain,caused by the chemo and radiation, by eliminating many high inflammatory foods from my diet. With the of success in regaining my energy and life back by using nutrition and supplements over the last several years, I knew that I could do this again to beat my breast cancer. My recent reports from my oncologist show that the ultrasound scan reported in general a 50% shrinkage since my diagnosis this past April of 2019. Even though my insurance covers the aromatase inhibitor prescription (the conventional treatment), my oncologists agree that chemo and radiation are NOT viable options due to my health history, including my pacemaker that was implanted in 2009 as a result of side effects to my heart from the previous chemotherapy.

This recent diagnosis prompted me to consult once again with my nutritionist and also with a naturopathic oncologist. Both are part of my Wellness team; my conventional oncologist agrees that all of these things that I've been doing up to this point have subststially contributed to the shrinkage of this tumor.

In order to continue with this Integrative treatment plan of many additional supplements recommended by my nutritionist and naturopathic oncologist, and because of my disability since 2014, due to Progressive Neck and Shoulder Injury and Cervicalgia, I have been unemployed, and need help with additional funding.

In the words of my oncologist, "What ever else you are doing, keep doing it!"

My husband, family, and  I are HOPEFUL that we can.

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