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5GMM and 5G, a Biological Weapon

On May 11th I awoke with a large knotted muscle by the shoulder blade while coughing up green phlegm and having difficulty breathing. Unknowing as to why, I went to the ER where I was admitted with a suspected case of Tuberculous. It was a nightmare as they put me in an isolation room, tested everyday for TB and ran extremely strong antibiotics in an IV for 5 days. The release papers stated no diagnose. A nurse of 30 years at the hospital made a statement. She said she had never seen so many otherwise healthy people being admitted without any diagnoses. 

This most certainly sparked my curiosity.

While re-cooperating I researched and found that on April 9th, 2019 just weeks before the illness hit (5GMM/5G), was turned on in my neighborhood as one of the first cities in America to have this frequency turned on and most probable causing the health issues. The 5GMM and 5G attack the immune system if it has positive ion build up. This is what they are calling the Corona Virus effect. Wuhan is a place where 5G was rolled out and then POW! Mostly what is needed are supplements along with Chiropractic visits and anything that will aid in negative ions for the home and body. 

Please pray fully consider donating to this campaign and help a healing combat. Thank you for your consideration.

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