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My name is Jill Talbird. I was diagnosed with ADD when I was in elementary school. However, I wasn’t given the diagnosis of Asperger’s until 16 years old. These diagnoses have affected me in different ways. My Asperger’s has affected me socially and mentally. I was bullied in school. I was married but am now divorced. I am alone a lot of the time. Also, I haven’t been able to keep a job. It is difficult for me to keep friends. I want to have friends, a social life, a job that I keep and care about, and a husband to create a new family with. However, Asperger’s and ADD make it difficult to achieve my goals.

I have recently learned through the Heartline Foundation that with CEASE therapy I can reverse the damage. I have spoken to several sets of parents who have helped their kids with this treatment. It is said to work at any age, and I want to give this a try.

Any donations would be greatly appreciated. The funds will cover doctors’ visits for alternative medicine practitioners, as well as supplements and organic foods recommended by these doctors.
No amount is too small. I appreciate your help. Thank you!

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