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My 12 year old daughter Jaylah has been severely ill for the past 9 months and can no longer walk at this point after receiving two vaccines of the gardasil. In the beginning of all this my daughter has suffered from more than 10 symptoms everyday in pain. She has nerve pain, nausea, headaches, vertigo, stabbing back pain, autoimmune deficiencies,  sensitivities to light and sound, cant even support her own head  or neck up  unless she has a boppy pillow around it to support it. Her symptoms still continue everyday. She was first diagnosed with acute cerebellar ataxia along with neurological issues. She had mri scans, cat scans of her brain, ivs for dehydration, spinal tap, to more than 17 tubes of blood taken. Everyday she is challenged physically and can no longer do anything that she once loved to do. She spends most of her time being in bed from day to night. She isn't able to attend school right now.  It's to the point where she has to do home instruction for school because of her chronic back pain, symptoms of illness and not being able to function well in school.  She has been hospitalized 7 times since this past January with still no answers as to what the solution is to getting her better.  We been turned away by every doctor possible since they didn't know what to do with her. I even took her to a bio medical doctor which we had to stop seeing after one visit of attending costed over $800 which I couldn't keep affording since she didn't accept no insurance either.  I knew if we stayed with her I would of had to come up with another 4,000 for my daughter to get hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy which I didn't have. 

It's going on 9 months now and we were so desperate for answers and who to turn too. Thankfully, for my daughter's physical therapist who has guided us in the right direction recommended her to see a great new team of Drs that he has heard so much about. We attended her first appointment  to meet with new Drs that work with complementary and integrative medicines last week. The staff has been so nice, caring, helpful and very understanding. They are carefully reviewing her case day by day and so far has started to do iv fusion therapy for her since her body is very weak and vitamin deficient. We are also waiting to get further more testing done for her. They have all the complementary medicines that are needed to further help my daughter that we can't seem to get no where else.

I feel this campaign can help benefit her in every way possible for further medical treatment that she needs along with medicines that can help her recover.  Majority of her medicines are not covered by her insurance along with the iv fusions that she needs from time to time , along with her weekly visits with her Dr  that can become rather expensive after attending so many visits.  So far most of her medicines, as to Dr visits , and different therapy methods have costed almost near $2,000 already and that's all out of pocket expenses that she needed for her treatments. 

All I want more than anything in life right now is to see my beautiful daughter walk, laugh, jump, run and in general to become healthy again. We appreciate any kind of help that is given to her from the bottom of our heart.  All donations will be strictly applied to her medical treatments only. We can't do this alone without the necessary treatments that will help benefit her in the long run. 

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