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Jaxon Conroy is a brilliant, happy five year old little boy. As an infant, he had digestive problems. Shortly after receiving a series of vaccinations around age two, Jaxon began having seizures.  Tests thus far we've had ran showed Jaxon still isn't digesting well, and is low in certain minerals, and fatty acids.

Jaxon also had dental work, fillings put in teeth to strengthen them due to cavities. He was put to sleep for the procedure. Though his parents were told the silver fillings used were not mercury, they're still a type of metal in his mouth . Again, we were told by a practitioner, this isn't good, as they're close to the brain.

We've contacted a specialty lab who deal with seizures, toxicity, digestive issues, allergens, deficiencies, etc. They do thorough testing so as to get a full picture of what's going on in this baby's cells.

We were told Jaxon is possibly dealing with vaccine toxicity, heavy metals and other contaminents which may be affecting him neurologically.

Tests we've been suggested to run on Jaxon are all alternative, not covered by insurance. They begin at around $5,000. Follow-up with a functional doctor who understands how to address and treat Jaxon  must also be factored in.

Jaxon was put on medicines due to seizure activity and duration of. They were a nightmare for this baby. Panic attacks, hysteria, anger, rage, loss of appetite, inability to focus, deep dark circles under his eyes. I've never seen anything so sad in all my life.

His parents took him off all meds, positive diet and lifestyle change are being addressed, nutritional suppelements added to support and build Jaxon's body up. But we need professional guidance and a plan/protocol in place. Someone who understands the big picture re: getting this little man well.

 Jaxon was unable to attend preschool due to all this, but is set to start kindergarten this fall. His parents are putting him in a regular class, want him to be able to enjoy his school, make new friends, and live a normal happy life. What we all want for our children.

God has a wonderful plan for this precious child. It doesn't include fear of being able to live, participate, sleep, and enjoy life because of seizures (or fear of).

Jaxon understands the importance of eating well, and changing things that adversely affect his well being. It's a whole new journey for him. He's a trooper - to say the least!

After hearing Jaxon's story, if you have in your heart and would love to partner with / help him recover his health, we would all be immensely grateful.

God bless you for your help.

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