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I'm a mom of 3 handsome boys.

Here is my long story in short. After having my first son in 2013 I was in love with mother hood and wanted to have more. Then after 2 miscarriage and lots of tears and prayer I got pregnant with my 2 son. He was born healthy happy but things changed slowly after his 6 months dtap vaccination he got back to back ear infection and antibiotics. Things changed slowly for him it took me months to know that he wasn't ther I lost him before I knew I don't know nothing about autism.

I was also pregnant with my 3rd. Then after giving birth. We decided to talk to Dr. My son got officially diagnosed with asd.

I spent days and nights searching to help him I did and. biomedical treatment which costs lot of money out of pocket because the government doesn't cover it.

I am here broke and in lots of debt.

But I still want to help my son to have better life

I am asking you to help me to get started his case terapy.

Thank you