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This fundraiser is for my son, Hiro.  Hiro is 4 years old.  He had his first diagnosed seizure at 4.5 months old.  He was later diagnosed with generalized epilepsy at the age of 13 months old.  Genetic testing shows that he has a mutation of the SCN1A gene.   This gene mutation is associated with Dravet Syndrome and Autism susceptibility.  We are in the process of having him evaluated for Autism related diagnoses.  We also had Hair analysis testing done which shows that Hiro has Aluminum and Mercury Toxicity. 

Hiro struggles with seizures on a daily basis. Febrile, Tonic, Tonic Clonic, Atonic, Myoclonic, and Infantile spasms  are the seizure types he has been diagnosed with.  Because he has intractable epilepsy (drug resistant epilepsy), we are now working to heal his body as naturally as we can.  We have been doing this with the use of the ketogenic diet (more recently the MAD diet) and Cannabis Oil.  

We are now seeking help to raise money to help cover the cost of his visits and costs associated with his naturopathic doctor.  These are costs that are not covered under traditional insurance.   His first 3 appointments totalling 3 hours will cost us $395.  Each subsequent visit will be $125 each.  During our consult, we were told that we could expect to pay at least $150 towards supplements monthly to begin the healing process. We would like to raise the maximum amount of money that this campaign will match ($2500) in order to be able to pay for the visits for as long as Hiro will need to be seen.  We will be working to heal his body and ensure that he is receiving the proper nutrients to support what his body needs.  This is something that we are especially needing at this point due to Hiro refusing most foods and not wanting to eat balanced meals. 

Please prayerfully consider donating to our campaign and help us heal our son.  I will post updates of his progress along the way.  Thank you for your consideration.   

  • Tom donated - $123.63
  • lori donated - $26.88
  • Papa and Diana donated - $1075.00
  • linda donated - $107.50
  • Helen donated - $40.00
  • Hope and Raina donated - $107.50
  • Wilma donated - $53.75
  • Linda donated - $107.50
  • Carrie donated - $50.00
  • LINDA donated - $80.63
  • Uncle Francis & Aunt Gail donated - $100.00
  • Aunt Jenn & Uncle J Love You Buddy donated - $100.00
  • Daniel donated - $26.88
  • Michelle, Dave, Olivia & Jayden donated - $53.75
  • Lauren Jordan donated - $20.00
  • Mary donated - $107.50
  • Anonymous donated - $100.00
  • Pam donated - $20.00
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  • Mikey donated - $107.50
  • Roslyn donated - $5.38
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