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My name is Gwennyth White. I'm a 22 year old college student and lifelong sufferer of severe Crohn's Disease of the Terminal Ileum and lower bowel. From a young age, I stayed home sick much more frequently than other children and tended to stay sick longer. My parents thought I was susceptible to food poisoning, then it was a nervous stomach, then it was a possible food allergy. My senior year of high school I had an emergency visit to the hospital followed by surgery and was finally diagnosed with Crohn's disease. I was then started on Humira, but was later taken off by my gastroenterologist, as I developed pre MS symptoms and vision problems as a side effect of the medication. Since then I have tried Cimzia and Remicade both with no positive results and debilitating side effects. I'm now being told I'll be taking a trip to the Cleveland Clonic to have a section of my bowel removed followed by several other surgeries and am expected a long recovery time. I find myself more terrified at the prospect of homelessness and bankruptcy than losing part of an organ. As an independent college student, I'm currently working a minimum wage job and trying to make my way through a bachelor's to be able to move up in income. I'm attending university for Criminal Justice with minors in Arabic Language and Biomedical Science. My passion is helping the community and my hope is to give back to it once I've graduated. I come to you asking for assistance paying for basic necessities like rent and gas money to get to and from my doctor's appointments. I'll likely be out of work for a time and need money to get to the Cleveland Clinic for treatment as well. I live 5 hours away, so it will be tough to get there. If you can't afford to give, I ask only for good thoughts. Thank you either way for taking the time to read this and wish me luck at my bowelmitzfah!