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One year ago we discovered that something wasn’t quite right with our wonderful little boy. He wasn’t hitting milestones and his head was measuring larger on his wellness checks. After a year of meeting with doctors, numerous tests, therapies and countless specialist appointments our son was diagnosed with viral encephalopathy with the specific cause unknown.  For the past year we been working hard with a group of doctors to treat his brain inflammation. He has thankfully made improvements, but he still has a ways to go. With insurance not covering 95% of the testing and medication required to treat his condition we have resorted to spending our life’s savings to help our son heal. Unfortunately, we’re not out of the woods as he still needs additional treatments to help him heal and hopefully one day be able to live independently. As parents all we want for our children is for them to be happy and healthy. He’s definitely a happy little boy, but needs help getting him to be healthy. We hope that with help we can help our child to live his best life filled with unwavering friendships and most of all unconditional love. Thank you ?