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Gray Jordan needs our help.
In August of this year, Gray started experiencing strange symptoms - extreme fatigue and weakness in his limbs. The severity of his condition escalated quickly, and by mid-September, Gray was having trouble walking.
Gray checked himself into the hospital in Santa Rosa, CA, and despite seeing a series of specialists in the weeks that followed, the root cause of his condition is yet to be diagnosed.
By October, Gray's condition had worsened to the point where he was immobile and barely able to lift his arms.  A little more than a week ago, at the end of October, Gray and his wife, Jill moved to Charleston to live with Gray's parents, Nancy and Bill Jordan.
They are grateful for their family's support while they try to figure this out, but they also need your help.
There is certainly cause for hope.  Though no diagnosis has been made, several degenerative diseases have been ruled out. Gray has occasionally experienced the return of strength to his limbs.
While we all pray for a fast solution, he may have a long road of rehabilitation ahead.
We ask for your financial support by giving to this campaign.
We ask also for your thoughts and prayers to help our great friend get through this incredibly difficult time.
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