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Since before my daughter was born I had signs and symptoms of heavy metal toxicity. I believe I passed that down to my daughter.  I refused shots at birth and had a very rough first year personally with having weakness, severe fatigue, and brain fog, even though we ate clean and mostly vegan. My daughter had severe jaundice and on day 2 of her life she got a vit. K shot after i was bullied into thinking she would bleed to death. She didnt wake up for so long after it and when she did she started a year long battle with being colicky, having a high pitched scream and severe back arching. She didnt poop for a whole month and she had so much pain or other issues she didnt sleep for more than 30 minutes during the day at a time for naps. She wouldn't stay asleep if i set her down even or left her side. It was so hard. Also for the whole first year sitting was a no go for her...she would arch her back and fight us so hard on getting into her carseat or high chair or laying her on her back to change her. She would cry out in anguish. So,  i just learned to hold her up and change her, i let her eat while standing and car rides are still horrible bc she screamed the whole time as if it was painful and i was torturing her. Now she just yells mom the whole ride. So, in may i started her on cbd oil, and a toxin removsl system. On top of already doing cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil because she had gotten holes in the back of four of her top teeth. I had fed her fruits veggies and no sugar and no dairy at the point she got holes and one tooth chipped. I started her on a methylated kids vitamin with probiotics. I need more help so I am going to work with dr. Lachman to help her heal her body. Detox from the vit k shot and from me( eventually i want to have treatments after gianna gets better because i almost bled out after birthing gianna so i would like to heal myself too and support any future children better in womb). I cant say enough about a doctor who can help kids with asd. My daughter has exhibited many signs that worry me. She is 1.5 and in angry hits me  scratches me, put her hands arund a dogs neck once when mad. But csn also be so sweet. So the mood swings and anger make me.wonder how much detoxing or liver or gallbladder issues there still are. How much heavy metals does she have. At one point she started hitting her head against the wall and shaking her hands. She wouldnt talk until a few weeks after taking toxin removal system except for mom dad. Most of her sounds were aggressive grunting and hollering. My daughters behavior scares me because i teach her how to behave but she just gets so angry. My husband and i have had a rough year of life because of having a baby thay never stopped crying. She was never a happy baby. She was an angry, fighting, non sleeping baby. It took so much out of me that i had to stop babysitting as a nanny because i couldnt take the stress of her screaming so much. And being so unhappy all the time. I have hope and prayers that she can learn to nap during the day and her liver can be assisted and her bowels can begin to digest foods properly. My dreams of funding my daughters CAM treatments would bless us so much because we see the healing power of natural alternative products such a trs in helping my daughter not thrash around and be yelling all day in anger and frustration and in being worn out from not sleeping. God bless you!