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9/11 First Responder seeking help to get holistic treatment:

My name is Geoff and I am a 9/11 First Responder suffering health issues that traditional treatments, covered under the First Responder healthcare, have not been able to solve. I am seeking financial support to undergo Holistic, Functional Medicine treatment (not covered by 9/11 Insurance) in the hopes that I can reclaim some of my life and health.

After my work and exposure at the World Trade Center, I suffered many conditions including; severe cough, mental fog, nighttime sweats, high temperatures, GI issues, acid reflux, chronic bronchitis, PTSD and even severe bacterial pneumonia that put me into the ICU for 8 days at Saint Vincent’s in NYC.

Over time, some of my health issues have gotten better, some worse. But since 2013 I have been suffering severe nasal, respiratory and GI issues that failed to respond to all forms of tradition treatment. In regards to the nasal issues, the doctors went so far as to perform an operation on my nose which, sadly, was botched, leaving me with a deformity in my nose that makes the original, ongoing condition even worse.  

Being proactive, I continue to research possible forms of treatment for my worsening GI, lung and nasal conditions, along with worsening exhaustion and metal fog. My effort has lead me to believe that Functional Medicine, with its 360 degree, full-body-system approach, all overseen by one physician, will be the answer. I have chosen Dr. Eric Potter of Sanctuary Functional Medicine in Tennessee and I very much need help to afford the cost of this intensive treatment, not covered by the WTC Health Insurance Program.

My life is disintegrating because of these chronic health issues and they are really taking their toll upon my mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. All aspects of my life are being negatively affected. Depression is rising and a sense of hopelessness has taken over. If you are able to help, please know I would be forever grateful to you. 9/11 is still killing people and I want to fight back its effects on me and be healthy ... but I need help. My gratitude to you for reading my page.

Sincerely, Geoff R.

Franklin TN

Some 9/11 Toxic Exposure Background, if you are interested  

9/11 First Responders were exposed to one of the world's most deadly chemical mixtures ever known, with more than 2,500 contaminants, including; construction debris, airborne concrete, lead, mercury, freon,  asbestos, crystalline silica, cadmium, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and a host of extremely toxic carcinogens. 

Never has there been such a mixture of modern, deadly elements and the health results of that deadly mix are unknown. That is the challenge to traditional health care when trying to diagnose and treat the vast and complex symptoms and illness developed within the 9/11 Frist Responder community. My hope is that my efforts within the Functional Medicine approach will provide success that can be then be passed to other First Responders and, eventually, embraced by the 9/11 Health Care system.

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